Thursday, August 29, 2013

Estate Sales in Dallas This Weekend

Well, for the Thursday sales, the estate sale times were staggered-- and I mean staggered!  But that was kind of cool.  Estate sales were sprinkled in to pretty much my whole day!

The first one started at 9am Thursday and will run thru Saturday at 3pm.  It's located at 8724 Stanwood in the White Rock Lake area.  This was a weird one.  Lots of the rooms of the house were closed off, so it was pretty small.  And lots of the stuff inside seemed to be new-ish and unused.  So I don't know if the people who lived there had a store that went out of biz or what.  This one was put on my Clutterblasters, which usually has good prices, but I didn't think there were many great deals, at least not during the first day.  Here's a sampling of what they had to offer.
new stuff still in packages- pillow cases, window treatments, home fragrance...
candles, glasses...
pretty plants in pots but prices were around $25 and up!  what?!
metal yard art, but priced a little high- $16 and up.  i think i could go to Home Goods and find better deals
The next sale was just a big mistake for me.  First of all, it wasn't located where I thought it was.  I knew it was a familiar street-  at some point, I think I had a friend that lived on or off of that street as a kid.  But not in the era I was thinking.  It was further than I thought, and not in as good of an area.  This sale, that you probably don't want to go to, was at 15610 Ranchita Dr. in Dallas. Let me post one picture to represent how overpriced and just irritating it was.  And then we'll move on to the good stuff!
They were selling a shower cap from a hotel for 20 cents.  That should be free, or that should be trash.  Same with the $1 soap.  Yuck.  I officially hate that estate sale.
But finally, as so often happens, I saved the best for last.  I didn't really save it for last, but it was the one that started latest in the day.  4pm to be exact.  It was located at 6802 Clayton Drive in Lakewood.  First of all, I loved the house.  Look how cute!
the house is already sold!
If you like antiques and unique items, you'll love this one.  When I went today, there were lots of vendors there buying stuff to resale.  Lots of old, old vintage clothing, lamps, mirrors, all sorts of stuff... Even if you don't want to buy, it's a fun to go just to look for fun.  Here's just a few photos I took:
 vintage lamps, china, mirrors, and more
lots of cool vintage cookware
random cool stuff like this was sort of everywhere!
It was a fun one, and since it was only open for a few hours this afternoon, you should still be able to find lots of treasures if you head out there tomorrow morning.

In my opinion, I'd suggest skipping the first two I mentioned, but definitely swing over to 6802 Clayton in the Lakewood area of Dallas.  They'll be open tomorrow (Friday) from 9-5pm and Saturday 9-noon. Have fun!!

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