Thursday, August 1, 2013

Estate Sales in Dallas This Weekend

Unfortunately, most of the estate sales that started today (Thursday) weren't in Dallas, but in surrounding cities like Irving and Plano that just seemed like too much of a drive for me.  There were a couple near me so I just stopped in at two.

And I don't have great news to report, but I can at least steer you away from one and save you some time!  :) 

The first estate sale I went to was located at 1633 Northview Circle in Garland.  I've mentioned the estate sale company "Clutter Busters" on my blog before.  They are nice people and their prices are more or less fair.  For this estate sale, they lived up to their name, Clutter Busters.  The house was cluttered with a bunch of junk.  Mostly it was lots of old dolls, fake flowers, lacy weird stuff...
some lamps and a few random stuffed animals...
Lots of girlie stuff, but not in a good way.  At all. 

Something cool I did pass over was some old electric razors.  There's no way I would ever use them, but if I collected old gadgets, these were pretty neat and even had the original boxes they came in.
old schick electric razors
The one thing I did find that I bought at this sale was this star pendent.  It cost a little more than I think a broken pin should, but since I know I'm going to repurpose it into a cool necklace anyway, I don't really care about the broken-ness of it.
vintage star pendent
The next estate sale I went to was at 3909 Princess Circle in the Preston Hollow area of Dallas.  It had lots of older things, but I totally forgot to snap any pictures while I was there.  Lots of tools in the garage, some older furniture,  china and dishware... the usual. 

I did, of course, find a couple of things I just couldn't leave without.  Although I already have a really cool vintage lipstick display of my own, I certainly couldn't  pass this one up!  I'll either hang onto it (doubtful), or (more likely) find it a loving owner by selling it in my Resparkable Vintage Etsy shop.  Just look at this cute thing!
the lipstick goddess
This candle holder had my name written all over it. And it sort of matches the goddess lipstick holder. 
a fancy candle holder
So the day wasn't a total loss.  I was able to find at least something at both estate sales I went to.  But they weren't the best estate sales ever~  although if you want ugly fake flower arrangements, you now know where to go!

There are lots more sales beginning tomorrow.  I've got a busy day, but I might be able to squeeze a few in, and if I do, I'll be sure to report back!  Happy Junkin'...

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