Monday, August 26, 2013

Repurposed Vintage Jewelry Before and After

I found these cute vintage flower screw back earrings at an estate sale here in Dallas a few months ago:
VINTAGE off-white flower screw back earrings
Sure, they were super cute, but their screw backs made them painful too.  And who wants that?

I'm not sure what material these earrings are made from... My guess is "fake ivory", after the small bit of online research I did.  Whatever the case, they're very cute and very durable.

I clipped off the screw backs, and then filed things down in the back until things were nice and smooth.  Next, I heavy-duty glued them down to some copper toned filigree drops, attached a tiger eye bead at the bottom and turned them into pierced earrings.

REPURPOSED VINTAGE off-white flower on copper filigree with tiger eye dangle pierced earrings
Just a few subtle changes, and now these earrings have a updated look while still keeping they're little spark of vintage.

These earrings, along with other vintage and vintage repurposed earrings are available in my Etsy shop now!

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