Sunday, September 30, 2007

Aging Sucks

Last night my brother brought his 3 month old Bull Mastiff puppy, Deville, over to our house. When Deville was only about 9 weeks old, he had stayed at our house while my brother was out of town. My dogs were sort of facsinated with Deville at first, but grew tired and seemingly irritated with him by the end of his 8 day stay. Zoe and Scout are 11 years old, so their energy level isn't quite the same as a 9 week old puppy.

So Deville came back over for his first visit since his time at our house last month. And the initial excitement of seeing him was renewed in my girls. So much so, that Scout took off running in a big circle around the yard much like she did when she was much younger. I was so happy to see this in her! "Go Granny!" my husband jokingly said.

But later that night, Scout was hobbling around unable to put any weight on oneof her hind legs. i thought maybe something was in/on her foot, but it looked fine. My husband said she must have pulled something during her sprint.

This morning, she's the same. She doesn't whimper or whine, just barely gets up to walk. And when she does, it's a hobble rather than a walk.

Aging sucks.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Zoe's Wearing My Scarf!

My dog, Zoe, loves me so much, she's even willing to model the scarf I just finished knitting for my 200th post on this blog. I tried to get Scout to wear it put she sort of growled at me and walked away.

So, first ugly knitting project is complete! I was going to add some fringe to the ends but decided against it since it turned out so ugly I will never be wearing it anyway. But you know what? I think it's totally cool that I made this- I've intended to learn to knit for years, and now I (sorta) know how. And I'll only get better.

This scarf has several holes from misstiches. (I believe I just created a knew knitting term) It also started out a certain width and then continued growing a shrinking throughout. I have some freakish design pattern that happened because I would forget what stitch I was on. But I learned stuff. And my next scarf is bound to be an improvement from this one.

I am NOT a perfectionist and this is a clear example of that. I kept knitting thinking I'd be fine with all of these imperfections. Put as it got longer, it looked weirder and weirder. Tee Tee (my knitting goddess) told me to pull it out and start over when I saw her last week. After slapping her across the face, I explained to her I want a memento I've where I started.

I think I'm going to make a few dish rags. The commitment isn't quite as big. And I value instant gratification right about now.

If anyone is interested in buying this scarf, drop me an email and I'll see what we can do! ;)

Friday, September 21, 2007

Road Rage

I was just hit over the head with a beer bottle!!!

It's true. I am so fuming mad right now-
But I am thankful for my ballcap.

Even tho a cap makes my head feel hot, I like wearing it because it blocks the sun from my face. And after today, I now know it also blocks beer bottles from cutting my face.

I was at the end of my run, running on a path that runs beneath a few bridges. All of the sudden I feel something hit me HARD on the head, and then I see green glass break on the sidewalk. And I smell a little beer. And I yelled out words of pain (four lettered) and grabbed my head. But then my instinct was, YIKES, keep running!

And as I began running, I looked up to see what looked like a homeless man (at least, I cruelly sort of hope right now that he's homeless)- very scraggly, wearing a backpack and a bandage on one side of his face. And he was glaring at me. So I yelled, "YOU"RE BOTTLE JUST SMACKED ME IN THE HEAD!!!"

And I think I was expecting him to say, "Oh my gosh, I am so sorry!" because I thought MAYBE he just tossed it over the bridge and his only real crime was littering. Maybe he didn't even see me or mean to hit me at all. But judging by his continued glare, I think maybe hitting me on the head was his intent.

So I just kept running. With a headache. But thank God for my ballcap.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

You Were Meant For ME

(Life would be even more beautiful if I knew how to rotate this picture!)

I cannot believe I found this hot pink, shag carpet-ish ottoman! Are you kidding me? How lucky can a girl get?!
As I was walking thru the store with it, a woman said, "Oh, my little girl would have loved that about two years ago- but now she's outgrown her pink stage."

Is that really something people OUTGROW? Well, I'm glad we didn't have to fight for it. I'm sure I would've won.

Anyway, it is perfect for my very corporate looking home studio!
I love finding just the perfect thing, that I didn't even know existed.

Ask Yourself These Questions

A friend of mine had forwarded me a column by Cheryl Richardson that I think was posted on Sept. 11th. In the article, Cheryl said that each year, she asks herself these questions. These questions were far too deep for my "Burning Question" blog, so I thought I would just post them here for you to consider. They're really wonderful questions to help reconnect you with matters most in your life.

Am I pleased with how I'm spending my precious time on earth?
Am I spending enough quality time with the people who matter most?
Am I doing my best to listen to the voice of my soul so I make real, honest choices based on what I most want?
If today were my last day on earth, would I feel good about what I'm leaving behind?
Am I sharing (or working toward sharing) my God-given gifts and talents with others?
Are there any petty disagreements or differences that I need to let go of once and for all?
Is there someone I need to forgive?

Monday, September 17, 2007

If I Read It

Today I went to Barnes and Noble to get a look at the OJ Simpson book, If I Did It.
I know lots of people are saying, "I won't read it. It's dispicable!"
And I totally agree that OJ is pretty dispicable. And what he got away with was just sick. But I will not deny my curiousity. I'm not going to feel bad that I want to read that book. Or at least "the" chapter that he tells how he did it.

I've heard people talk about it on tv, so I know the book came out last week out. I know Barnes and Noble is the bookstore that's carrying it. And I know it was the number 1 seller for last week. So I know it's out there. When I walked into B&N, I expected to see it everywhere. Or at least on one of the main display tables. But it wasn't there.

So I had to ask the information desk, "Where's the OJ book." And the two women working there sort of sighed and said, "The OJ book? Hm...I don't even think B&N is carrying that" and I said that yes, you are the only bookstore that's carrying it. So then she checked the computer and said, "Oh. Yeah. We have some ordered." And then turned away from me. As if I was OJ and gullty of his crime.

Give me a brake. 10 years ago, we were all watching the police "chase", we followed the trial, and now all of the sudden, I'm suppose to be ashamed of myself for my interest? I read lots of fine literature, but I deserve my trash too! Yes, I'm curious to read a book based on a killer's quasi-confession. It doesn't mean I think OJ is cool, or that I support murderers. It just means I am curious.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Body Heals

I haven't had a cold in years and so I guess I had this one coming. It started with a sore throat. Then a very sore throat. Then a sinus headache. Sneezing. Sniffles. Snot.

I'm not pretty, but the weather, just really as of today, has just turned beautiful- It's the first hint of summer coming to a gradual end. But as perfect as it would have been for a long ran, or a walk with Zoe and Scout, I missed out. I instead spent the day in pajamas reading, napping and taking a mid-day bath. And honestly, that really was not so bad at all. It was kind of nice. Nice to have that excuse to be a lazy slob all day long.

I've finally put away the pajamas and put on real daytime clothes, and am feeling a little more myself. I gave the body just what it needed today. Rest. And more rest. Nothing much to distract it from fighting the cold. I am a firm believer in what my mom always told me: Rest when you're sick. Let your body heal. So rather than think that I accomplished nothing today, I realize I accomplished a whole lot.

My Morning Download

I'm posting this to see if I can use the hyperlink function here. Although it shows up on my end, it doesn't show up "out there!" So let's try this:

Here's a link to a really cool site to listen to lots of cool music:

Ok, did that work?

Friday, September 7, 2007

A Few Things I LOVE...

*My Mom. And memories of her. This is a picture of me singing a song I wrote about her. I can remember when I use to play it, I could hear her say, "There's my song!"

*My mosaics class that I take at the Creative Arts Center taught by Katrina Doran. It's the one hobby I now have that I don't just do in solitude. I love all the people in our class. And the coolest part of it all is that my husband actually takes the class with me! This was my first mosaic project that I love so much I can barely stop looking at it. In each little square that I divided the frame into, there is a flower- For my mom!!!

*My sweet friend, Willie, who is so talented! He drew this picture of me when I was playing at Cafe Lago one night. (Another thing/place I love) I think the flash on my camera makes it a little hard to see his drawing, so for a better view, visit his blog. And check out his fantastic art work!
Willie's Blog

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Directionally Challenged

There are two phrases that make me nervous when someone is giving me travel directions.
1. "You can't miss it." (because oh yes, I can)
2. "It's a little tricky." (a little?)
I have major problems getting to an unfamiliar area. And sometimes I even have trouble in a very familiar area. I get turned around very easily. It's a form of retardation. It's beyond just being bad with directions.

So the other day, as I was heading off to play at a party, I was haunted by part of the directions I was given: "It's a little tricky", because to me, that can be interpreted as, "You probably will never find this..." So I allowed PLENTY of time. Mapquest estimated the drive to be 33 minutes, so I allowed nearly an hour.

About ten minutes into my drive a downpour began. Yay! And by the time I started getting to the "little tricky" parts, I could barely see anything due to the rain. Oh, and it was turning into rush hour traffic.

Long story short, I called someone at the place I was headed too to let them know I was running a little late. She asked me where I was. I told her the intersection I was stopped at and said, "Oh! You're so close!! You're only about 5 minutes away." then she rattled off more directions that were entirely different than the original ones I was given. Since I was driving in a storm, during rush hour, on highways!! I couldn't write down what she was saying and there's NO WAY I could've remembered it all in the state I was in. I told her thanks, but please just pass the word along that I will be there whenever I get there. She must have empathised with my stuggle because she offered to stay on the phone and guide me in. The "5 minutes" ended up being 25 due to the stand still traffic. But I got there. And she stayed on the phone with me the entire time!

People have all sorts of disabilities. And it is a godsend when you've got someone to help you along your way...