Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Body Heals

I haven't had a cold in years and so I guess I had this one coming. It started with a sore throat. Then a very sore throat. Then a sinus headache. Sneezing. Sniffles. Snot.

I'm not pretty, but the weather, just really as of today, has just turned beautiful- It's the first hint of summer coming to a gradual end. But as perfect as it would have been for a long ran, or a walk with Zoe and Scout, I missed out. I instead spent the day in pajamas reading, napping and taking a mid-day bath. And honestly, that really was not so bad at all. It was kind of nice. Nice to have that excuse to be a lazy slob all day long.

I've finally put away the pajamas and put on real daytime clothes, and am feeling a little more myself. I gave the body just what it needed today. Rest. And more rest. Nothing much to distract it from fighting the cold. I am a firm believer in what my mom always told me: Rest when you're sick. Let your body heal. So rather than think that I accomplished nothing today, I realize I accomplished a whole lot.

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