Friday, February 24, 2012

Holla for the Collars!

My brother is one of the best gift givers I've ever heard of!  Long ago, he bought me my first really nice guitar.   And also, as I've written about before, he's taken me to Hawaii a couple of times!  He picks sometimes extravagant, always cool, very thoughtful gifts.

So this Christmas, since I am all about my puppies all the time, the best gift anyone could give me would be something for them!  My off-the-charts-gift-giving-brother told me he was going to pay for both Ricky and Lucy to get custom leather collars by the uber talented Tricia Vaughan.  He had found her on the internet a while back when he had a super blingy collar made for his dog, Deville.

Here is Deville wearing his collar.
The Ricardo's and I were all super excited to start thinking about what their collars would look like.  Up to this point, they've had generic collars that really just weren't snazzy enough for them.
Old, boring collars.
 In fact, here's what Ricky had to say about his old collar:

Tricia doesn't live in Texas, so there was a lot of emailing back and forth.  I had some idea of what I wanted the collars to look like, but she was able to really bring it all to life and completely over-deliver!

We were so thrilled the day we got the package in the mail-- just about a week before Ricky and Lucy's 1st birthday.  How perfect is that?

So here they are~  (drum roll please!)
aren't they gorgeous?  and just perfect for my two?!
Ricky Ricardo's hand tooled congo drum is my favorite thing about his!
Lucy's girly hearts and flowers twinkle, just like her!
How snazzy does Mr. Ricardo look now?
And how sweet is this collar on Lucy?
We couldn't have been happier with the way these collars turned out.  The photos I took don't even do them justice!  They're really pretty unbelievable.  Just like Lucy and Ricky!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Come Out

I know it's very last minute to put this on my blog (altho it's been on my website gig calendar all month),  but I'll be playing at 10pm at Crown and Harp tonight.  I hope you can make it.

I get to play for an hour in the middle of Crown and Harp's Open Mic night, so it should be loads of good entertainment throughout the night.

Click here for the link to Crown and Harp.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Along Came You

Here's a hot-off-the-press little Valentine's song I just wrote. So grateful for the fortunate surprises life brings.

Along Came You

So close to Valentine's Day, about a year ago today
That's when my heart was torn in half, I wasn't sure it could heal back

But little did I know, that's just the way life goes
Just when I thought that I was through, along came you
Along came you

I must have cursed most of the days, I was just wishing them away
Thought all my happiness was gone, and the curves life threw at me were wrong

But little did I know, that's just the way life goes
Just when I thought that I was through, along came you

Around the corner, a big surprise
You're such a sight for my sore eyes

Another Valentine's Day, but this one's so sweet I gotta say
I didn't know what was in store when fate smiled and brought you to my door

But little did I know, that's just the way life goes
Just when I thought that I was through, along came you
Just when I thought that I was through, along came you
Along came you

Thursday, February 9, 2012

How to Make Cooking More Fun

Today, my friend Annie gave me this super cute apron that she made:

That black and white fabric is a design of little teeny dog bones.  How PERFECT for me!

And although the dinner I cooked tonight was not all that exciting, it just automatically tasted so much better because I had prepared it while wearing this sweet little apron.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Homeless But Not Chairless

I had to snap a photo of this homeless guy's recent set up here in Dallas off of Central Expressway.  I'm not sure how he lugs around that swanky chair as he goes from place to place, but I'm so glad he has something nice to lounge on during a beautiful Sunday morning!  I only wish he had been sitting in it, reading the newspaper and smoking a pipe.