Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Book Abandonment

I love to read. 

I'm one of the few people I know that still uses the public library.  I have a Kindle, and I have an Apple Mini, but I still prefer a good old fashioned printed book.  Unless it's a big thick one. 

I used to drudge through every single book I started.  Sometimes, a book I had to force myself to get through made me avoid reading, day after day- because I just didn't care about it.  Eventually, I'd finish it, and hopefully move on to the next and better book.

But these days, I realize, life is short.  And the list of books I want to read is long. And getting longer all the time.  So on the (rare) occasion I begin a book that I'm either bored by, annoyed by, or for whatever reason just am not enjoying, I move on.  Even if it's one that was recommended to me.  We are all moved by different things.  The book one person- or many people- loves, may just not be anything that interests me. 

today's pics from the public library
I abandoned a book earlier today.  And let me tell you, it felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I went to the library to return it, and while I was there, I ran across a few books that I ended up bringing home.  The one I've just started seems right up my alley, and now I'm all excited about getting in the tub later tonight to read.  No more drudging around with the previous one.  Whew.

Book abandonment.  I highly recommend it.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Dallas Mediation Center Benefit Concert

I'm excited to say that I'll singing at an upcoming concert event to benefit and celebrate the upcoming relocation of The Dallas Meditation Center.  Lots of other performers will be a part of it too! It will be at The Center for Spiritual Living on this coming Saturday, November 15 at 7:30pm, and if you buy tickets early, you get a nice discount. 

HERE's more information about it, as well as a link to get your tickets.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Logic Software- Any 5 Year Old Can Learn It!

I've had a little trouble learning how to use the Logic recording software I bought a couple of years ago.  Partly because I'm terrible with follow thru.  And partly because learning new software is frustrating and doesn't feel fun or creative, or give me any kind of instant gratification. 

But, I decided that for realz, this time, I'm doing whatever I have to do to really learn how to use it, well enough to record some songs and add some midi instruments to my vocal and guitar recordings.  I asked my friend Steve, who is a whiz at using Logic (because, well, that's what he does for a living), to point me to a book or class or something, anything that could help.  He recommended a series of videos you can buy online.  He also cursed me saying,  "It's easy.  Any 5 year old could do it." (Or something to that effect.)  As soon as he said it I thought, "Oh no, this is like when people give me directions to some location and say, "You can't miss it.""  It's almost a guarantee that yes, I can and will miss it.  But I took his advice, and I bought the video bundle to learn Logic.

And it's making me act like a 5 year old, rather than learn like a 5 year old. 

I'm so frustrated I just want to rip my computer from it's plug and throw it against my wall.  The videos look great and make Logic sound so easy, but when I try to do exactly what the teacher is doing, my computer does something totally different, or I'm missing things that he says should be there...

Today I decided not to even look at it.  And I think I've done the world a favor for that.  I got so cranky over it yesterday I was driving everyone crazy. 

But I am not giving up.  I've already threatened to buy the newer version of the software. And maybe I will.  Or maybe that's just a new form of procrastination I've come up with. 

Logic.  Sounds so logical.  And any 5 year old can do it. 
Me,  Age 5

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Pat Benatar, Neil Giraldo and John Waite in Dallas

Last night, Fermin and I went to see the Pat Benatar concert.  Although I liked Pat back in the day, and feel so lucky I got to see her, my main reason for going was to see John Waite, who was billed as her opener.

John Waite!  First, the singer of the Baby's, and then his solo career of the 80s.  His first solo album was "Ignition" and it's one of my all time favorites.  The song "Change" is on that one, and I hope you're familiar with it...But if not, let me introduce you.

So what I learned last night is that Neil Giraldo (Pat Benatar's husband, producter, co-writer, and guitarist) had a huge hand in that Ignition album.  He arranged a lot of those songs, and played guitar.  Neil also produced, arranged, and played guitar on the Rick Springfield song, "Jessie's Girl".  Oh yeah, and then all those songs he did with Pat Benatar.

Anyway, back to John Waite.  John Waite is 62, but looks- at least from an 11th row from stage distance, exactly the same as he did back in the 80s!  And he sounds at least as good.  He has, in my opinion anyway, one of the best male voices in Rock/Pop.  Unfortunately, he only had about a 40 minute long set, and there just wasn't enough time for him to sing enough to satisfy me.  He only did about 8 songs, and two of them were new-ish "country" songs he had written within the past 10 years when he was living in Nashville.  He sang "Change", and "Missing You" from his solo albums.  He did a few Baby's songs- "Head First" and a few others.  But,  NOT ENOUGH JOHN WAITE.

This Pat Benatar concert celebrates the 35th year of her and Neil's musical anniversary together.  And I think she said they've had 32 years of marriage.  Wow.  They had a 4 minutes video that told the story of how they grew up and met.  And then they played hit after hit for about 2 hours.

It was good, but it was LOUD.  So loud that I couldn't hear it very well, if that makes sense.  And Pat's voice had so much reverb, it took a while to get used to.

Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo are obviously great musicians and performers, and they came off as very nice and appreciative people. They let fans up by the stage the entire concert, shook hands with gobs of people as they came back out for an encore, got in close to fans for photos, tossed out lots of guitar pics, and were very gracious to everyone for coming out and supporting them for all these years.
Pat Benatar- cute as ever

Neil Giraldo-  actually looking better than ever

The videos took with my iPhone last night weren't very good, so I'm instead posting up the second song EVER played on MTV, "You Better Run."  Pat told us last night that Neil was officially the first guitarist to ever appear in an MTV video.  And she was the first female.  Many (many!) years later, they both look and sound great.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Music Monday "Unkiss Me" by Maroon 5

Maroon 5's current CD, "V", is just so good, IF you like a good pop hook, and I do. 

So for today's Music Monday, I've chosen the sure to be upcoming radio hit, "Unkiss Me".  There isn't for  an "official" video for this song yet, but someone made this lyric video, so feel free to sing along as you watch!  Happy Music Monday~