Thursday, April 26, 2012


Every couple of weeks, I meet up with my songwriting group- I love those people, and I love the motivation I get from having deadlines when it comes to writing a song.

Last time we met, the theme we agreed to write around was "May"-  be it the month, a woman named May, maybe, etc.~  Just about anything that had the word "may" somehow in it.

For my song, I used the distress call of Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!  (which I learned is always said 3 times), as a plea to be saved from the fleeting state of Spring and sometimes unfortunately, love. 

The buzz of Spring, butterfly wings
My heart's a-flutter
Until there's a sting
What once was sweet, and couldn't be beat
Melts away
In the thick of the heat

I'm calling Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!
Save me from the crash
Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!
I want this to last

The flowers bloom and hang on thru June
Til Springtime fades, endings always come too soon
The heat will rise, right before our eyes
The dangerous highs of a perfect Springtide


I'm standing barefoot in the sand
I'll sink when you let go of my hand


Friday, April 20, 2012

Big Fun Weekend!

So much fun stuff going on during this Earth Day weekend!

I'll being playing tonight at The Oar House , which is totally not a Whore House, even though when I tell people I play there, they always answer with an alarmed, "WHAT?!"  It's a great restaurant/bar in Rockwall, right by Lake Ray Hubbard.  And thank GOD, it's a non-smokey bar, unlike the one I played in last weekend!!!

Tomorrow, after spending the day at a Disc Dog Competition (as a spectator this time, but eventually...Lucy and I have big dreams!!), I'll be playing an hour long set at my favorite CD store, CDSource,  in celebration of Record Store Day.  There will be live music all day long-  I'll be playing from 5-6pm.  The line up is pretty amazing so even if you can't come during my time slot, show up whenever you can!

Here's all the details CDSource posted on their Facebook page:

We will have over 200 Record Store Day special releases, an amazing lineup of in-store performers throughout the day, complimentary food from nearby restaurants and free posters/stickers and other giveaways. Hundreds of new CDs will be sale for $5 including lots of classi...cs and “best of’s” in all genres! Opening at 7 AM!

In-Store Performances:

9:00 Annie Benjamin
10:00 Rahim Quazi
11:00 Gaston Light
Noon Chris Holt
1:00 The O's
2:00 Siren Sea
3:00 Midnight Empire
4:00 Colin Boyd
5:00 Kerri Arista
6:00 Emmeline
7:00 The Bright
8:15 Ken Demith plays Springsteen
9:15 Sierra Leone

Food will be provided by Freebirds (chips and salsa), Baker Brothers (sandwich trays), Sweet Tomatoes, Black-eyed Pea, Potbelly (cookies), B.B.Bop Rice Bowl, Genghis Grill, Royal Thai (egg rolls and Piggie Pies (pizza)

Sunday I get to play at the Unity Church in Grapevine.  Any church that allows me to perform in it is alright with me!  ;)  Clearly, they accept all types~

So whatever you do over the weekend, have a great time.  I hope you spend a lot of it outdoors.
Happy Earth Day!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Alive Inside

What a beautiful, sweet, and heartbreaking short video...

Ah, the power of music.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Friday the 13th at Hailey's

I'll be playing this Friday- which just happens to be Friday the 13th- at Hailey's in Denton.  Doors are at 8pm, and I go on at 9pm.

Shortly after the new year, I was invited to do this gig.  The call came just a few days after I had a little talk with myself about saying "Yes!" to more things.  I guess the universe was eavesdropping on that conversation, because a few odd opportunities for me to flex my yes muscle came up soon after.

Although I graduated from U.N.T many moons ago,  I've seldom, if ever!, been back to Denton since.   I gotta admit, now that the date is soon approaching, I'm a little nervous.  Am I going to be the oldest person in the room among a bunch a college aged people? (I've been told, "Yes, probably so") Am I going to be the only act of the night playing as a soloist/no band? Am I going to get boo-ed off the stage?  And is it smokey bar? (Please let this not be the case!)

I really have no idea how it will go.  But that's sorta what's cool about it.  And that's why it's sorta cool that I said "Yes". 

If you're anywhere near Denton on Friday, I'd love it if you'd show up for me.  Just say "Yes!"

Monday, April 9, 2012

Opening Bell Tonight!

Happy Monday!  And you know what that means?  I'll be hosting, as well as playing at, the Songwriter's in the Round series at Opening Bell Coffee tonight.  We start up at 7:30 and wrap it up around 9:30pm.  Tonight on the bill with me:  Matt Compton and J.R. Byrd.

I host this almost every single Monday, but this month, after tonight, I'll just be there Monday the 23rd. 

We each play 20 minute sets each hour of the show.  (And there are 2 hours) So there is lots of variety.  It's always a fun night full of great music, a great atmosphere, plus snacks and drinks!  I love Monday nights at OBC!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Good Friday

Since I don't participate in any sort of organized religion, I don't observe Good Friday as the "commemorative celebration of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ".  However, this Friday was especially good (for me), and warrants mention!

It was one of those days, where in the midst of it all, I said to myself a few times, "What a day!" and thought about how lucky I am, on so many levels.

It was greatness from start to finish.  I got to catch a great yoga class, I got to get a acupressure foot massage, I got to take Ricky and Lucy over to my dad's gated field and watch them joyously play and sniff around (while I also got to hang out with Dad!), and then I got to go out to eat Thai food with Fermin and our favorite friends.  All that good stuff, and nothing bad in between.

For me it really was a Good Friday!  But I've never understood why such a crummy day for Jesus is called Good Friday.  (I know very little about the story in the bible, obviously, but holy guacamole!  that particular Friday, for Jesus, was anything but good, right?!  So what gives with that moniker, Good Friday?)

Regardless of your religion, or non-religion-- Have a very happy Easter! 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Blogger? WTFIGO?

I just tried posting this photo of Ricky Ricardo on my PuppyTracks blog, and it told me I was out of space and had to buy more.  So I did.  And then it came back at me and said it might take up to 24 hours before this new space I bought would show up on my account.

I've posted up WAY more photos on this blog than on PuppyTracks, so not sure why it posted here, but won't there.

Also, on the little area that says "followers" it says "sorry, too bad"-  well, not those words, but that's basically what it said!  So I don't know if I lost all my followers in some kind of Blogger revolt or what. 

Blogger just changed some stuff, acting like it was going to make things so much better.  So far, I'm not that impressed!