Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Friday the 13th at Hailey's

I'll be playing this Friday- which just happens to be Friday the 13th- at Hailey's in Denton.  Doors are at 8pm, and I go on at 9pm.

Shortly after the new year, I was invited to do this gig.  The call came just a few days after I had a little talk with myself about saying "Yes!" to more things.  I guess the universe was eavesdropping on that conversation, because a few odd opportunities for me to flex my yes muscle came up soon after.

Although I graduated from U.N.T many moons ago,  I've seldom, if ever!, been back to Denton since.   I gotta admit, now that the date is soon approaching, I'm a little nervous.  Am I going to be the oldest person in the room among a bunch a college aged people? (I've been told, "Yes, probably so") Am I going to be the only act of the night playing as a soloist/no band? Am I going to get boo-ed off the stage?  And is it smokey bar? (Please let this not be the case!)

I really have no idea how it will go.  But that's sorta what's cool about it.  And that's why it's sorta cool that I said "Yes". 

If you're anywhere near Denton on Friday, I'd love it if you'd show up for me.  Just say "Yes!"


Valerie said...

Even if you're older, I bet you won't look older! You look fabulous! Good luck on Friday!

Kerri said...

You're awesome! Thank you for saying that, Valerie!

L.E. Taylor said...

Kerri, you did awesome. You were not the oldest person in the room at all, and you looked and sang beautifully. So glad we had the show together!