Tuesday, December 11, 2018

The Rules of Magic

Book reviews tend to be a little boring, especially for anyone who hasn't read the book.  So I'll only do a very brief post about the book I just finished reading- The Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman.

It's the prequel to Practical Magic.  Even if you didn't read that book, perhaps you remember the movie with Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock.  Now, for me at least, it's been so long that I don't remember all that much about it.  Thankfully, The Rules of Magic stands on it's own, and it doesn't matter if you've read the other book or not.

 It's starts off with this quote:

As soon as I saw that, I knew this was a good book for me.  I believe in love. Above all else.  And what comes to mind when I read this quote was how heartbroken I was when my dogs, Zoe and Scout died, both at the age of 15.  But after deep mourning for a few months- a few very long and miserable months, I found Lucy and Ricky.  The day I brought them home, is the day my heart got stitched back together and my capacity to love was even greater. 

This theme shows up over and over in the book...
"Love more. Not Less."

And, that beautiful theme closes out the book so perfectly...
We will all lose people (and pets) that we love. As I get older, I realize this more and more.  And although it makes me actually feel sick to my stomach when I think about it, I know that it's the human spirit to keep living and to keep loving- and to find more love. Otherwise, why would we go on?

The only remedy for love is more love.❤️

Monday, December 10, 2018

Music Monday- YOU ARE YOU ARE by Lucy Schwartz

Because I recently discovered the Parenthood series (thank you, Valerie!) I was turned on to Lucy Schwartz, who had a song placement in one of the first few episodes.  I looked her up in Apple Music and realized I had bought one of her CDs years ago, but somehow she wasn't really on my radar.  Back in my CD buying days, I would go through phases of buying so much music all at once, there wasn't enough time to really listen to any of it.  Too bad for me, I didn't realize how great she was all those years ago.

But now, I know. Better late than never, I say.

I started listening to her music this past week and although I love all of it, this particular song stood out.  And by stood out, I mean I listened to it on repeat probably a dozen or more times in a row.  And loved it more with every listen.  I can't stop listening to it and humming it all my waking hours now.  And I think I dream about that melody at night...

It's my favorite type of song.  It sounds lovely, and sad, and although the lyrics aren't especially complicated, I don't really know exactly what it all means.  But I feel what it means. The CD version of the song has cello, and the cello can't help but make you feel something- and DEEPLY.

AND as a bonus, her name is Lucy.  What's not to love here?

So here it is- a live version of "You Are You Are", by Lucy Schwartz.  My new favorite.
(Please note, that there is no cello on this version- you'll have to find her "Keep Me" EP for that-)

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Man Down!

We got a little snow a couple of nights ago.  Only enough to get a little dusting on things.  Oh, and enough to make me WIPE OUT while I was walking Lucy.

my snow covered walking path
I was being super careful at the beginning of our walk.  It was such a light coating of snow that I wasn't sure if it was snow or ice, or both.
I realized, it was just snow- Not even slushy.  And not slippery at all.  The snow had melted away in more places than not.  I was also very careful when I would walk over the melted parts because being such a cold day, I knew there was likely some icy parts mixed in.
When Lucy and I were nearly home, I hit a slippery patch that caught me off guard and I lost my balance and fell.  It seemed like it happened in slow motion, and I can even remember fighting the fall at first but then finally succumbing to it and thinking, "Oh well, screw this, I'm just gonna fall."  I was so bundled up that my coat and gloves seemed to soften the smack of the pavement.  My left hand, which caught my fall, felt a little burn and my hip felt slightly wonky, but just like my dogs do when they take a tumble, I stood up and shook it off (after looking around to make sure no one saw me because falling is so embarrassing!).

I thought I was okay. 

Once I got home, I noticed how sore the heel of my palm was. And of course, that makes sense!  One little part of my body got smacked by the cement supporting all 100 lbs of me.  But not really a big deal...

UNTIL the day wore on, and things got much worse.  And then, this morning- HOLY YIKES.

Although I haven't gone to a doctor, I have looked on WebMD and I'm pretty sure, about 99.9% sure, that I have a sprained wrist.  I guess everything in my hand is just super swollen so I can't move my fingers or my wrist barely at all without severe pain. 

So it's Advil, ice, and elevation for a few days.  Which I know doesn't sound like a big deal, and in the whole scheme of things, it isn't.

BUT, I had to close down Santa's workshop for a few days and that sucks!  Fermin is out of town, and I had big plans on how I was going to stay busy over the next several days and it ALL involved using my hands to make stuff! 

Just like getting sick makes us appreciate our health that we typically take for granted, this injury has me just in awe of ALL that our hands do, and how hard everything is when they're not functioning properly.  Washing hair, brushing teeth, cooking, playing guitar, crafts, holding a water glass, putting on clothes, taking off jewelry, holding a book to read, toweling off after a bath, putting a chip clip on a bag of chips,... oh my G, it's ENDLESS!!!

So heal up, little hand.  You make life so much better.  Come back to me as soon as you can.  One day without you being yourself has already been more than I can bear.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Music Monday- and a little repurposed jewelry.

Someone gave me a stash of vintage jewelry many months ago- maybe even more than a year ago- and in that stash was this cute little roller skate.

I'm finally getting around to using this skate charm in a necklace I'm making for a friend's Christmas present.  The skate's a little beat up, but I think a roller skate from the late 60s should be a little beat up so I'm cool with it!

And as I made this necklace...
...I listened to "Brand New Key" on play repeat over and over and over.

I have no idea why, but I always thought this song was by Janis Joplin.  But alas, nope.  It's sung by Melanie, who prior to today, I had never heard of, even though, obviously- I was familiar with this song.

I think I'm gonna get my guitar out and cover this song.  And I'm probably gonna put on this necklace while I sing it!  Because what's old is new again, in music and in jewelry! :)

Enjoy, Music Monday's "Brand New Key" by Melanie.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Can't Stop, Won't Stop

One hoardy thing I do, when it comes to checking out books on a certain topic at the library: I cannot stop at one.  It might be better if I just got ONE book at a time, on a topic like let's say for example, rock painting.  But nope.  I do a search on the library website, and I request pretty much ALL the books be sent to me. 
Obviously, I'm not the only one that's taken up the art of rock painting lately!
These are the books on rock painting that I've checked out so far, but believe it or not, more are on the way, from some of the other library branches.

I realize it's probably not best that I go about it this way.  For one thing, I'm being greedy.  If someone else wants a book on rock painting right now, they're sort of screwed due to the monopoly I've now taken on the rock painting books.  But, in my defense, I reserve them online based on title only, so when I check them out, my first intention is to just browse and see which ones I like best.  I MEAN to return the ones I like the least, but then, I end up liking all of them. And I don't want to return them.  Ever. 

The other reason this abundance tactic is not good- I check out all of these books for 3 weeks, but I don't really have time to go deep with any of them.  If I could control myself and just settle for one book at a time, I could immerse completely, and in 3 weeks time, I'd probably be totally done with it.  Instead, because I have- at this point- 5 books about painting rocks, I have really just scratched the surface and before I know it, 3 weeks is up, and they're all due and I feel like I need all them just a little longer.

As long as no one else has put a hold on a book, I can renew it for another 3 weeks.  And I usually do.  Up to 3 times, which is all that is allowed.  BUT.  I tend to look at books I've borrowed less once they've sat around for a while.  I don't know why, but I know that's how it goes with me.  The novelty wears off, and I put it on a bookshelf and sadly, ignore it.

As I mentioned, I've currently got 5 books from the library on rock painting.  And as if that wasn't enough crafty madness for the next 3 weeks, I've also got a handful of books on Zentangle as well.
Zentangling is my JAM
What would really suck is if I bought all of these books.  Honestly, I'm not fully utilizing any of them.  But at least I'm not wasting any money on them.

I do like all these books.  At the very least they're great for flipping through and getting inspired.  Occasionally, I run across one of these types of books I love so much I feel like I just have to have it permanently on my bookshelf as a reference.  I love that the library gives me a great opportunity to preview things before deciding purchasing.

There is so much to love about the public library system.