Friday, August 3, 2018

The Neighborhood Zumba

Although I used to go the the gym to work out all the time, I haven't been a fan of that in years.  I'd much rather do my cardio outside, and using bands and a few free weights is enough for "sculpting" for me.  The last gym I belonged to, I only went for yoga.  And now, even that I prefer doing at home using the Asana Rebel app.

Here in Colorado, I have even less reason to ever go to the gym because I love being outside so much and there's plenty of ways to get a good work out.

So the fact that there isn't a good gym near our house doesn't bother me at all.  I told Fermin just a few weeks ago, that the only reason I might join a gym (if he does, because he would like to find one) is if it had Zumba.  I have no idea why lately I've decided Zumba would be a good idea, but for some reason, it has occurred to me.

I feel stupid in any dancing situation, but it looks so fun when other people do it.  I've been thinking that I don't know anyone here yet, so who cares.  I can look as stupid as I want.  So maybe that's why lately, Zumba's been on my mind.

Last week, I met a couple ladies on a trail in my neighborhood.  I have no idea how it came up during our very short conversation, but they told me there's a Zumba class twice a week in our community center.  They were super friendly and encouraged me to try it.

So yesterday, I did. 

And yes, I felt stupid.  But it was pretty fun.  And in a fast hour, I got a decent cardio workout.  Something totally different.

It was free, since it was my first time.  And from here on out, it's still only $5!  It's in my neighborhood, so I don't even have to drive to a gym.  And it's a way for me to meet some of the neighborhood ladies. I feel so lucky to have found exactly what I was looking for!

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

An Official Coloradoan

Last week I got my Colorado drivers license and today, I got my license plates.  I feel so legit now, $450 dollars later.  Yep, that was the cost for my plates today. Holy Yikes. 

But I'm SO happy to have those green mountains on my plates now. And to be surrounded by real mountains daily. And to LIVE here, in COLORADO.  I still can't believe it.  It's a dream come true. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Writing Center

Long ago, I was a first and second grade teacher.  I still think and plan in themes, as I did back then.  I guess I'm always be wired that way.

In my classroom, we had little "centers" or "workstations"- a math center, an art center, a writing center- you get the idea.

As I've been setting up my dream craft room here in our new home, I've been in full teacher mode I guess, because here I am, happily in my writing center.  I haven't hung the art work, but already, it surrounds me and makes me feel so happy.  As does the little window of so many trees in our yard. 

I've always dreamed of a yard with so many trees that there would be too many to count.  And now, with that dream realized, I wanted to set up a little writing desk by the corner window that looks out to all the trees.

My craft room is a work in progress, but it's feeling pretty sweet so far.  I'll reveal more of my centers as I get a little further along. 

my little writing center ❤️

Friday, June 29, 2018

My New Neighborhood

Well, it's only taken me a full month to write another blog since my last one!  Of course, there's so much to say since it's been so long.  But I'm not a big fan of long blog posts, so I'll keep this one short. And then, I fully intend to get back into the swing of writing more consistently. But here's just a quick dipping of my toes into the blog writing habit. (Please bear with me, as I rediscover my writing voice.  She's been so quiet and feels a little unsure currently.)

We are LOVING every day here in Roxborough Park.  We see deer in our neighborhood, and even OUR YARD often.  Thankfully, I have NOT seen a snake yet, although Fermin did look out our kitchen window one morning and saw a huge one on our deck.  I've seen wild turkeys- actually, a mom and her 3 babies following her around.  And yesterday, we saw A BEAR across the street from our house as we were driving home.  We're definitely not in Dallas anymore!

Although the last couple of days have gotten hot- upper 90s!- the mornings and evenings are always cool. And dry heat is much more tolerable than the humidity that we've dealt with our whole lives.

Running errands- and having just moved, errand running seems to be on the almost daily agenda- always takes a long time.  Anywhere I ever need to go seems to be about 30 minutes (or more) away.  Even the one grocery store near us (just one) is about a 15 minute drive from the house.  Beyond that grocery store, a couple of restaurants and a gas station, there isn't much else close to our neighborhood besides state parks.  Which is why it's so beautiful, and why we have so much wildlife.  But it seems I'm always having to run to Home Depot, or Target, or Bed Bath and Beyond for something.  Those things that used to be quick errands in Dallas, now end up taken me a couple of hours.

The speed limit in Roxborough Park is 30 MPH.  And it sorta represents the overall speed around here. And I love really this pace.  It's much more my speed.

Of course, I'm walking the Ricardo's many miles each day- We have some trails within the neighborhood that are beautiful, and since they're within the confines of our neighborhood, they're not crowded at all.  Here are just a few pictures I took this morning on a hike with Lucy.
aptly named trail!
i LOVE the red rocks
butterflies are in abundance!

(This last one is a test to see if I uploaded the video correctly.  Hmmm.)

As my dad is famous for saying, "Every day's a good day..."
Yep. Pretty much!

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Hello Again!

I'm not sure if anyone but me noticed, but my website has been MIA since March.

We were buying and selling homes- selling our house we've lived in the past 18 years here in Dallas, and buying the home of our dreams in Colorado.  I'm an open book and tend to reveal too much on my blog, and I realized it might be better for all negotiations if I kept all the excitement to myself until it was all a done deal.

And now, it is.

The sellers of our Colorado home are currently renting it back from us, but come June 9, we will be living in it.

This whole relocation thing has been a long time in the making, but I know it worked out exactly the way it was suppose to and in the perfect time line. 

So much more blogging to come, but today, that is all.