Wednesday, March 20, 2019


Ahhhh.  I FEEL it.  Spring is more than just in the air today.  It's officially HERE. 

And although we have some snow still on the ground, there isn't any more on the way in the 7 day forecast.  I have a feeling the snow isn't quite over for the season, but since the days are longer, and the temperatures are getting a little warmer, I think any snow we get from here on out won't stick around too long.

I LOVED our first real Winter here in Colorado.  Loved it with a capital L. So much so, that I'm a little sad to say goodbye to it.  However, this will be our first Spring here.  I can't wait to see what pops up flower and plant-wise. I'm pretty sick of my winter clothes at this point, since I Kon Marie my way to such a small wardrobe. I'm ready to change that up already!  I'm also looking forward to warmer temps, so that I can head out earlier in the days with Lucy and Ricky for some good long hikes. 

I've been so conditioned during my 40+ years of living in the sweltering heat of Dallas summers (excuse me, but... BARF) that this will be my first time to fully soak up the joys of Spring.  Spring in Dallas is actually nice. However, I always have the knowing dread of what's ahead. We arrived in Colorado in June of last year, so I know what the summers are like here.  And although it's not my favorite season (it's still a little hot during parts of the day, and those f-ing rattlesnakes scare the crap out of me), I still like it!

So I am fully welcoming Spring this year.  Completely.  I'm ready to soak it up. 🌼
oh, and yep, this pretty Warner brooch is up for grabs in my ResparkableVintage Etsy shop- the first flower of SPRING

Monday, March 18, 2019

A THING A WEEK Week 1: 64 oz of Water Daily

There are so many little things that I always intend to do more regularly.  Things that would be relatively easy to do,but I just don't do them. I think, "Oh, I'll start that tomorrow." But I don't.  Or, I do it for a day here and there, but I'm not consistent.

I was thinking last night, maybe if I committed to one of those little things each week, it wouldn't feel like a big committment and I wouldn't shy away from it so hard. I mean, a week of nearly anything can't be too bad, right?

And the things I have in mind are things that I actually want to do, and/or they're actually good for me.  So really, this ishould be great.

I want to be a success at this, so I'm going to make this as easy on myself as possible.  Each Monday, I'm picking what my "thing" is for the week and posting it here. Most Mondays, I'll pick a new thing to focus on. Some weeks, I may do a repeat of a previous week. Every now and then, I might decide to take a week off from this.  But as long as it feels like a pretty fun challenge, I'm in.  I figure, by being allowed to pick a new thing each week, it will feel fresh and exciting, like that Kool and the Gang Song...

Monday's will not only be me picking my new thing for the week, but I will recap how I did the previous week, and make a brief note of how it impacted my life.

This week, my very clear and concise challenge is to drink a minimum of 64 oz of water daily. I read somewhere that to calculate how much water you need to drink, you just divide your weight (in pounds) in half.  I weigh 100 pounds, so if I use that calculation, I could get away with 50 ounces.  BUT, I'm active AND I live in a really dry climate, and 50 oz just doesn't sound like enough, so I'm upping it to 64 oz.

I have a little 8 oz glass and I find it's really easy to chug the whole thing in one swoop. At first, I was thinking I would set an alarm to go off hourly to remind me to gulp down that cup of water.  But that's setting myself up for failure because I don't intend to be at home, near that glass, every hour on the hour.  And I don't even NEED to drink that much.  That would be well over the 64 oz if I started that around 8am, and kept it up until I went to bed.

Instead, I'm just going to keep a little tally sheet, and see how many of those glasses of water I can drink throughout the day. Assuming I drink water when I'm away from home, I'll make note and estimate the amount. A MINIMUM of 64 oz of WATER each day this week. Sounds fresh! And exciting!

I'm sorry to admit, I still drink Diet Dr. Pepper.  It's my bitch, for sure. I've given it up before, and thought I'd kicked the habit, only to eventually return to it. (I've done that several times.) And to be honest, I HATE thinking about giving it up yet again.  Instead, I'm going to focus on GIVING myself lots of water, rather than DEPRIVING myself of the Diet DP. Maybe I won't have room for anything but the water in my belly.  That COULD happen. It's possible.  But again, it's not about that.  All I'm aiming to do is drink down the 64 oz of water each day.

Here are all the pros on why I think drinking the water each day is a great thing:
1. I'll have more energy.
2. I won't ever feel "thirsty" so maybe my craving for Diet Dr. Pepper will diminish.
3. My skin might look better.
4. I'll pee more often, which I consider a good thing.  That's how you move toxins out of your body, I'm pretty sure.
5. After this week, I'll have this one challenge under my belt and I'll be ready to take on the next thing!

That sounds pretty FRESH and EXCITING to me!

I'll report back on this next week.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Big Birthday Weekend

(Oops.  Just saw the draft for this.  I meant to write it last week, but we had company come into town and I got sidetracked. Oh well- better late than never.)

Not only did Ricky have his 8th birthday February 8, but the next day, my favorite (and only) brother had his (not his 8th tho). And then just a few days later, little Lucy had hers (like Ricky, she's 8 years young now!).  So weekend before last, we had plenty of great reasons to celebrate.

Ricky loves a good long car ride, so he got his birthday wish- Friday we drove to my brother's place in Chromo, Co- which is about a 5 1/2 hour drive from where we live.
on the road again... i just can't wait to get on the road again...🎧
It was a pretty drive.  Making a 5 1/2 hour road trip in Colorado feels a lot shorter just because it's so pretty. 

 It was pretty snowy where my brother lives.  So if you get behind on shoveling the snow, it can turn into thick ice- My brother had quite a build up, so he and Fermin spent both mornings we were there trying to make a dent in all that ice.  It looks like they caught a little whale- but nope! That's ice, baby!

 And of course, there were some dog walks- with Lucy and Ricky's cousin, Deville, a.k.a Villy.

Something about that cool mountain air made me sleep in late... And I wasn't the only one.
It was our first visit to see my brother since we've all moved to Colorado, which is actually ridiculous.  We vowed to do it far more often.  It's such a peaceful and beautiful place to visit.  But far more important than that, it's where my brother lives- We laughed a LOT, and we all need more of that... always.


Monday, January 28, 2019

Resparkable. Again.

I'm re-opening my Resparkable Vintage jewelry shop.  Resparkable, oddly, wasn't a word before I named my shop.  But even still, it's so obvious how to spell it AND what it means, right?

1. something both sparkly and remarkable
2. bringing back the sparkle and shine to something old, especially jewelry
3. also, making something old into something new and highly desirable again

That's from my personal, made-up-words, dictionary.  But like I said, I bet you knew the meaning of that new word as soon as you read it.

I curate vintage jewelry and handbags.  I clean up and repair really cool and unique pieces so they return to their like-new, original and beautiful condition. But, when vintage jewelry is broken, or missing parts and beyond repair, I use the salvageable bits to make brand new, unique designs.

I'll be re-opening my shop over at Etsy, along with getting back to posting regularly on the ResparkableVintage website.  You can read about vintage jewelry designers over there, see pics of things I'm selling, seeing "before and afters" on repurposed jewelry, and more!  I'll also be posting again on the Resparkable Vintage instagram feed.

I thought I would be opening the shop up today, but there was a little technical glitch that will take about 3 business days to resolve.  But by the end of the week, please be all up in my business!  My Resparkable Vintage business. ❤️
resparkable vintage sarah coventry earrings.  looking brand new again!

Thursday, January 24, 2019


I've been on a roll with my book choices lately- I've loved everything I've read for the past few months it seems.  And I have a few I'm about to start that make me think this good streak is going to continue.

When I went to the library the other day to pick up my books I had put on hold, I of course couldn't help but look around a little and see what else might be available to check out.

I saw Fear: Trump in the White House by Bob Woodward.
I had heard a lot about when it was first out.  And I was sort of interested, although also (and mainly) repulsed.  But since I read all sorts of genres of books- including true crime, being repulsed doesn't usually stop me.  So, I checked out this book, along with several others.
There were plenty of good books I could have started with, but I went straight for the Fear book, for whatever reason.

But after a couple of chapters, I thought, "What am I doing to myself?  When did I become a masochist?"  Filling my head with the information in this book is not how I should ever end my day just before drifting off to sleep.  I have enough problems with sleep.  And with anxiety.  The words and the stories I fill my head with matter.  So I slammed the book shut, threw it on the floor, and told Fermin I wasn't going to keep on with that book any longer. He continued to snore.

The next morning, I cracked open one of the other books I found at the library.  This time, I went for the polar opposite theme.  Instead of FEAR, I chose something that would make me (hopefully) feel better about everything, whether it's something in my control or not.  I started the book called The Gratitude Diaries by Janice Kaplan.  I already know I made the right choice.

I know how true it is that it's our attitude (and hence, our gratitude) far more than our circumstances, that bring us joy. How we look at the world makes all the difference. I know it, but I need to be reminded of it sometimes.

I'm so glad that I chose to close that book on FEAR and instead, start reading more about GRATITUDE. Already, things are looking a little brighter.