Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Dry Brushing WORKS

ahhh!  in just a weeks time of dry brushing daily, i can see a difference in my skin. 
this was my skin, prior to this week of dry brushing followed by coconut oil
it took very little effort and time, but after using the brush before I bathed or showered and then massaging on coconut oil afterwards, my skin is feeling and looking smoother and more hydrated.  this week was a good reminder that IT WORKS, and i feel like i'm in an easy routine with it that i can easily stick with.

i used up the remaining part of the coconut oil i had been using this winter, and now, lining up with spring, i get to switch back to my favorite, sesame oil! 

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Dry Brushing

When we first moved to Colorado, I was really good about "dry brushing" my skin and then moisturizing with oils- both were things I had learned when I was readying about Ayurvedic practices. I think because I was so good about doing that regularly, my skin didn't even seem to go through much of a transition as we moved from a very humid to an extremely dry climate.

But through this past Winter, I got a little out of the habit.  I still do it on occasion, but I don't do it daily like I used to. At  best, I do it weekly.

Now that the seasons are changing, it seems my skin is going through some kind of molting period like a snake! Obviously, it's a great time to get back into that good Ayurvedic habit I had developed.

So that's my THING OF THE WEEK for this week. 

Here's what dry brushing is and why it's important.
Dry brushing is done by using a brush on your skin to scrap off the dead skin cells on the top layer of your skin, before bathing or showering.  Not only does it promote detoxification, but it stimulates your lymphatic system.  Your skin needs to be able to "breathe", and daily brushing increases oxygen flow and circulation.  Not only is it good for the appearance of your skin, but as a huge bonus, it's getting rid of toxins. 

How to dry brush 
I use this brush.
I like the long handle for my back.  But sometimes that longer handle bugs me. So, I also have this no-handle brush.
Any natural bristle brush that you prefer will do.  I found both of mine on Amazon by doing a search for "brushes for dry brushing".

The main thing to remember is to use medium pressure (don't scrap it to the point of pain, but do it hard enough that it's actually doing it's job of removing dead skin cells), long strokes, and always move towards the heart. I start a the bottom of my body- feet, then legs, and keep moving up. My torso area isn't as fun as my limbs, because it's just more sensitive. So be more gentle on areas like that.

THEN, take a shower, or bathe. I do this at night, before my bath.

After drying off, massage on some sesame oil (although for the winter I've been using coconut oil- I read that was good to use during the colder season somewhere, but who knows if it's true.  I prefer the sesame and as soon as I finish my current bottle of coco, I'm switching back). Again, you can do a search on Amazon to find the sesame oils specifically for this... it's NOT the same kind you cook with!😉

And that's it.  It takes no more than 5 minutes a day.  It's good for your skin, and your lymphatic system.  So why the heck not?

I'm hoping my dry flaky skin will already be looking better in a week's time, and that I'll be back in the good routine of dry brushing on a daily basis.

Saturday, in the Park

...I think it was the 4th of July. Okay, it was actually Sunday, and definitely not the 4th of July, but I love that song by Chicago so I just went with it.

Anyway, while we were in Dallas this past weekend to see Dad and my brother, Lucy and Ricky got to have a fun field trip with their cousin Villy to the park.  It's a very secluded park/field and there was no one but us.  They had fun running around footloose and fancy free...

The best picture of all tho is the car ride back to my brothers house.  Now THAT is some kids that just had a great time together! ;)
Deville, Lucy and Ricky ❤️

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Why Joe Biden Made Me Sad Today...

I just watched Joe Biden on "The View"- I think it aired last week, but I'm just now getting around to seeing it.

It's already a dreary day around here.  It snowed last night- (snowed?!!), it's been cloudy and cold all day, and now, it's raining.  And the weather matches my mood.

I was folding laundry downstairs in our basement, and I always like to watch TV when I do that.  It's a way of indulging with a tv show in the middle of the day, but not feeling guilty for doing it because, hey! I'm doing laundry.

Similiar to when I've listened to Beto O'Rourke speak, when I see Joe Biden, I tend to tear up.  With Beto, it's because he's so optimistic and hopeful, and it makes me really want the good in the world to win.  So I guess those tears he brings to my eyes have to do with "YES! Something like this is a real possibility!"

But today, seeing Biden, I was tearful, but in a different way. Today, when I saw Joe Biden answering to accusations about women who have accused him of, I guess, invading their personal space- it made me sad.  The way I see it is, Mr. Biden is a sweet and caring human.  He's known great sadness in his own life, and so he has a special gift of wanting to comfort other people when they are going through a difficult situation.  The way things are these days, everyone has to be so cautious about how they interact with others.  One thing I know for sure is Joe Biden is no Harvey Weinstein.

Mr. Biden said that just before he walked onto the stage to greet the hosts of The View, who he considers friends, he had to rethink how he normally would greet them.  Rather than hugs, he mainly just clutched their hands.

I taught 1st and 2nd grade many years ago.  At the end of each school year, I would host a sleep over at my house.  It was super fun, and I think, meaningful.  Many of those kids had never slept away from home before.  When we had the slumber party, they got to be with all of their friends plus their teacher and have a great party to cap off the year we spent together, learning how to read and to be nice human beings.  Obviously, times have changed, and if I were a teacher today, I would NEVER have a slumber party.

It makes me sad that the sweet human connections are getting lost due to the weirdos of the world.  Men have to be so cautious in how they treat women, and adults have to be so careful about the physical affection they show to any kid- that isn't their own.

I don't want Joe Biden to stop being Joe Biden. And I don't want him to have to apologize for being a sweet and affectionate person.  I want love and kindness to rule the world.  And yeah, I know, I'm living in a fantasy world to even think that's possible.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

A Thing a Week

Last week, I wanted to stick with my goal of having a 7 day streak of daily mediatation PLUS add in a 7 day streak of doing the 7 minute workout app.

The near daily meditation seems to be getting easier, as it's becoming more of a habit. I like do it at either the beginning or the end of the day.  If I don't have time in the morning, or just don't feel like it, I can make sure I do it before I go to bed.  I even find that it helps me get into the "ready for sleep" phase.  There was only one day I skipped.  I just forgot... But I'm still proud of myself.  It's my best week yet, for mediation.

The 7 minute workout should be easy to do for 7 days straight, but... I only did it 4 days.  A couple of days, I only thought of it as I was just about to go to bed.  And then, the last thing I wanted to do was a short work out that would definitely wake me back up.  Another day, I had just done so  much walking and bike riding, I had no strength left.  Not even 7 minutes worth...

What I think is that if I picked a time of day to consistently do the 7 minutes work out, I might fare better.  I thought (wrongly), "Oh, it's only 7 minutes.  I can fit that in anytime I feel like it."  Maybe I could have but I didn't.

So, I'll keep trying to make these more of a daily habit.  I like doing both of them. 

I haven't yet thought of what's my next "thing" for the coming week, but I will be doing a little traveling.  So I'll check in next week once I figure out what it will be.  As for the next week... I'm just going to keep trying to make mediation a daily habit.  Along with the 7 minute work out.  But I'm not going to talk about it here for a while. ;)