Sunday, August 28, 2011

Thick and Thin

I just wrote song #30 for the "50 songs in 90 days" challenge.  For now, the title, at least for now is "Thick and Thin".  Unconditional love is so easy when it comes to puppies!  But hopefully this song stretches out and applies to a whole lot more than puppies.  :)

let me tell you the way it's gonna be
i'll say it slowly and i'll repeat
i'll make it simple and i'll spell it out
i'll explain it so that you won't have a doubt

i'm gonna love you for your whole life
i'll be the one you run to when something just ain't right
i'm gonna love you thru thick and thin
and if time starts to run out we'll just start it up again

your only imperfections are the ones that i can't see
i guess that's why you are just perfect for me
the way i see you, oh, i wouldn't change a thing
you're the sweetest love song that i ever sang

i'm gonna love you for your whole life
i'll be the one you run to when something just ain't right
i'm gonna love you thru thick and then
and if time starts to run out then we'll just start it up again
and if time starts to run out then we'll just start it up again

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Vaudeville Night This Saturday

I will be a part of Vaudeville Night this Saturday (August 27) at Labyrinth Walk Coffee House.  It's the annual fundraiser for Labyrinth Walk which is just a great acoustic venue run by volunteers. 

It's my first Vaudeville experience ever. 

I don't even really know what Vaudeville is exactly, but the sweet people that run the Coffee House asked me to be a part of it several months ago and I felt like I couldn't say no.

Because I think it's possible that Vaudeville implies there might be some jugglers, and/or people walking around on stilts.  And who knows what else!

I do know there are lots of different "acts", and I'm just one of them.  I also know I'm 3rd in the line-up order, so if you're coming, get there early for me!  The show starts at 8pm.


Friday, August 19, 2011

Half Way Mark

Can get a a big whoop! whoop!?

I am now half way to my goal of writing 50 songs in 90 days.  I posted up the 25th song on the board last night and decided I'd go ahead and post it here on my website as well.

This is a love song, like so many of my songs are.  I'm lucky to have so much love in my life...  This one's called, "It's Not Heavy".
You've passed the test with flying colors
I watch you and my hearts a-flutter
Everything you do, you do it right
You've learned all the tricks I've taught you
There's nothing that we've tried that's stumped you
You've picked up everything like it's light

It's not heavy how I love you
Cuz it comes so naturally
It's been easy just to love you
I guess that you were meant for me

All the colors are in balance
and we offset each other's talents
You're the calm that lives inside my storm
You give me space when I need it
You know my dreams and believe in them
You huddle in close to keep me warm


I'm so glad you followed me home
That you were brave and you took the bone
You trusted that I'd take good care of you
Now you have made my load much brighter
You have made the sun shine brighter
'Cause I know you love me thru and thru


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Summer Camp Pick Up

When I was a kid, I never went off to summer camp.  (And as to the whys of that...well, that's a whole other topic I'll someday write about!)  And since Fermin and I don't have kids, we've never gotten to experience being on the parent end of the summer camp experience.
waiting for our camper with the masses!

But thanks to our friends who we were visiting at the time, last month, we got to tag along and pick up Abby from her first summer off at camp.
Such a sweet reunion, huh?
 My favorite part of the whole thing was getting to hear what the camp counselors had to say about each of the kids in Abby's cabin.  I actually video-ed it.  We were all so proud of Abby!  And isn't it so true what this girl says about Abby-  You can tell by that smile of hers that she is just full of joy. 

Sometimes you get to live some of life's experiences vicariously through others.  For just a second that day, I got to pretend I was a mom picking my sweet girl up from summer camp!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Dallas Texas, You Are My Bitch

It's been one of those sweltering summers that doesn't happen all that often. Of course, summers in Dallas are always hot.  But this summer, we had 40 straight days of temperatures over 100.  The record was set back in 1980: 42 consecutive days off 100+ temperatures.  We came so close to setting a new record, but then yesterday, some clouds rolled in and knocked the temperatures down and we only (only?) got up to 97.

We sweated our asses of here for weeks and weeks.  And you know, Texas is known for excess.  "Everything is bigger in Texas" is one of our slogans.  And think about the tv show from the 80s, "Dallas".  Excess.  So it feels unfair to have suffered thru this excessive heat so long, and to continue to have to endure it for who knows how much longer, but to have one day in between to only get us into 2nd place for all time record breaking temperatures.

It is this time of the year, every year, that I complain about living here.  But all this time, I've continued to call this place my home.  So there are clearly other things that keep me here.  But this time of the year, I cannot remember what they are!

Here is a little song I wrote yesterday about my love/hate relationship with my hometown.  It's called "Dallas Texas, You Are My Bitch".  Oh, and the verse about "14 years of my life...." refers just to the amount of months I've done little outdoor activity due to outrageous summer heat.  It totals up to FOURTEEN YEARS.  I have lived in Dallas my whole life though.  It's only the 14 years that I've bitched about.  But that's quite a lot, still!

And speaking of excess..."Dallas Texas, You Are My Bitch" is song #21 of "50 songs in 90 days".  I'm getting close to the halfway mark.  Yay!!!

Dallas Texas, you are my bitch
You make me itch to get out
From June until September
I can't remember
What our love is all about

Sometimes your big blue skies with all that sun
Just hurts my eyes
But sometimes your one lone star
Reminds me your
Deep in my heart

Fourteen years of my life
You've kept me inside
Hiding from your heat
You'd think by now that I'd accept
and I'd expect
And we could make our peace but...


Dallas Texas, you are my bitch
You know I can't switch
Off your big bright lights
I know that everything is bigger
And I'm just bitter
That your summers burn so bright


Friday, August 5, 2011

Song Writing (and Puppy) Update

As previously mentioned in my blog, I'm currently in the midst of my 4th consecutive year of writing 50 songs in 90 days.  I began the madness on July 4, and hope to get to #50 and be done with it by October 1st.  So, I'm about 1/3 of the way there and pretty much on schedule to get to the end on time.   Just today, I completed song #17.  Whew.  It's a furious pace.  But super fun, and I am most happy in this mode for sure.

I will always find it amazing that even on days when I think I have nothing to "say", if I just plant myself in my studio, I CAN write a song.  And I know that goes for whatever creative endeavor it is that you're into.  Just give yourself the time, and something, inevitably, will show up to greet you.

I thought I'd post a couple of my songs on the blog today.  One is about Lucy,  called "I'm in Love With Lucy".  The other, "Forevermore and More", was written for Ricky.  This way, you'll get a little slice of this 50 song pie and, in the same breath, get to see cute photos of my sweet puppies.  Can you tell I'm in love with these two?

"Forevermore and More"

Well the way you look at me is just the way I look at you
No one's ever seen thru me quite the way you do
You know my secrets and I'll keep yours
And I'll love you forever more and more

It was put into your path and you were put in mine
It wasn't a coincidence, it was just the perfect time
Now you're in my story and I'm in yours
and I'll love you forever more and more

Now you walk beside me down the road until our journey's end
There will be twists and turns and bumps and swerves but both of us can bend
You know the path to my heart and I know yours
and I'll love you forever more and more

"I'm in Love With Lucy"

She wakes up with a smile on every day
She sees the fun in every little thing
The sun it shines a little brighter
Since I get to walk beside her now

I'm in love with Lucy, and I know that she loves me
I'm in love with Lucy

Her happiness is rubbing off on me
Her love's contagious and bit me like a flea
All my days they just seem better
Ever since the day I met her- wow

I'm in love with Lucy, and I know that she loves me
I'm in love with Lucy

Monday, August 1, 2011

#1 Feet Center

One of my #1 favorite things to do is get a massage.  I ask for a gift certificate to Nordstrom Spa each year for my birthday, Christmas, and Valentine's Day. So thanks to my husband, and my dad, I get to go fairly often.

But not really as often as I'd like.  I go every few months.  And each time I'm there, in my blissed out state, I pledge that I'm going to give myself this gift more often, like once a month.  But it just doesn't work out that I go that regularly.  Mainly because it feels like a lot of money to spend on myself, and just a little overly luxurious.  Because after all, who do I think I am?  A queen?

The other night, my friend Theresa came over.  She told me she had gone to some Chinese place for a foot massage.  She had never had a massage before, so she said she didn't really have anything to compare it to, but she said she liked it.  AND, she gave me a flyer from the place that had the pricing.
Take a look at that!  And look at the one that says, "70 minute combination (50 minute feet, 20 minute body).....$30"

THIRTY DOLLARS.  For 70 minutes.  Are. You. Kidding. Me?!?!

So the very next day, I tried convincing my husband to go with me to try it out.  But he said we didn't have time.  (I think there is always time for a massage, but he doesn't agree.)

I waited until the next day- today!- to head over there.  Although it's pretty near where I live, it's a bit of a sketchy area.  And I only mean sketchy if  you want to find others who speak English.  And I really did not.  So it was certainly not too sketchy for me!

When I walked into #1 Feet Center, located in a little strip mall with lots of other Chinese businesses, a lady handed me a menu, that looked like the pink flyer, and I pointed to the service I wanted.  (70 minute combo, of course!) Then she took me back to this dark little room with all these comfy lounge chairs everywhere, and brought me a big bowl of hot water to stick my feet in.

The lady who had assisted me up point then motioned over to something or someone, but I didn't understand.  She just giggled.  And so I giggled back.

And then a man came from the direction she had pointed and sat down in front of my chair. Oh no! I had hoped I'd have a lady masseuse, because in the past, whenever I get a male masseuse,  I've felt a little uncomfortable.  I'm a little modest maybe.  I'm not really sure why.  But it is what it is.   However, today,  with this language barrier, I decided to just go with it, rather than just shake my head no.  I mean really, what would I have done to communicate that I prefer a female masseuse in a friendly way?

I won't go into each and every detail of my massage, although I'd sorta like to.  I'll just say...
It was the best massage I've ever had in my whole life.
Very vigorous.  Almost painful at times.  But totally energizing and the whole time I kept thinking, this has got to be good for me.

Sometimes I get so relaxed during a massage that I fall asleep.  And in a way, that sucks.  I miss out because I'm asleep.  And sometimes I even start snoring!

But with this type of massage, I couldn't fall asleep because it was so invigorating. 

After I paid my masseuse, he pointed to himself and said, "George."  and handed me a business card flipped over.  I took that to mean I was suppose to write his name on it, and request him again next time.  And by next time, I mean next week.

I decided during my massage today I am going to this place on a weekly basis.  Of course I am!  I can find a way to cut back somewhere else. 

#1 Feet Center (hilarious name, don't you think?!), you are my #1!