Wednesday, February 26, 2014

iPad Mini Vs. Kindle

It may sound silly to say that I need both the iPad mini a Kindle, but I sorta do.  They both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Just a quick little back story... 
I've been an "all-things-Apple" fan for years and years.  I love all their user friendly products.  Although I already had a Kindle, as soon as the iPad mini came out, I wanted it!  I had the original iPad, and loved it, but not for reading in the bathtub, which is where I do most all of my daily reading.  It was too heavy and my hands would always feel achy. 

The iPad Mini- in white and black
I decided to do all my e-reading on the mini iPad, and the Kindle got put in a drawer and forgotten about.  Until a few weeks ago.

I've recently become a Amazon Prime member, and there were some books I could get for free, but it had to be on a Kindle device.  (Not just the Kindle app, mind you.)  So, I got out my Kindle, charged it up (which wasn't just as simple as plugging it in since the battery had been taking a year + nap), and started reading on it.

And then I realized: I prefer the Kindle if I'm reading.  Here's why.

Amazon Kindle
It's just a reader (at least, mine is), so I don't get distracted by emails, texts, Facebook, and randomly browsing the internet.  Also, it's a little lighter, and a little smaller than the mini.  I also like that it's NOT lit up- I can read in the sun, and I can read at night without exposing myself to bright computer lights that screw up the circadian rhythm, which I seem to have a problem with.

But I still use my mini all the time and love it.  For all the distractions I mentioned above!  I'd way rather browse around on Facebook on a mini than my laptop.   Also, I can use it for reading when there's absolutely no light source- (althou, to hell with the circadian rhythms, so I do try to avoid it late at night).

I love that all the books I buy on Amazon show up on both devices AND even keep my bookmarks in place!

I love them both.  I use them both.  And I'm so glad I have them both!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Vintage Repurposing-- One Woman's Trash is Another Woman's Treasure!

I scour estate sales, flea markets, antique malls, and anywhere else I might find vintage costume jewelry every chance I get.

Sometimes I find things that are in great, wearable condition.  Sometimes, in fact most often, I find broken pieces of jewelry that someone mistakenly thinks can no longer be used.  Lots of times, I figure there's a story behind it.

This, is a great example~
A pretty, circa 1980s floral, gold tone locket and chain-
As you can see, the chain and locket are very pretty, and in great condition, other than the fact that the chain is broken.  But it's a very easy repair, or it can certainly be repurposed into something entirely different.

What a sweet locket.  I know, at some point, someone really loved and treasured this.
This locket is so pretty on the outside...
I love that when I opened the locket I saw this~
Inside the locket- One face intact, the other, RIPPED OUT!
Oh the drama! This looks like love gone wrong in the 80s for sure!  Here is the story, as I have reconstructed it.

Daryl was the high school quarterback.  He was dating Shannon, the head cheerleader of the squad of 1982.  Shannon thought it meant "forever" when Daryl gave her this locket for her birthday with his and her picture inside.  Eventually, as high school romances go, things went south between Daryl and Shannon.  I'm pretty sure Daryl had a thing for Shannon's friend, Heather.  One day, Shannon got word of what was going on between the two of them behind her back.  She ripped the necklace off her neck in disgust, opened the locket up and tore her face out of it.  She then had her mom drive her over to Heather's house.   She shoved the locket in Heather's mailbox with a mean note about how they would never be friends again because she was a boyfriend-stealing-slut!  In the note, she also told her to enjoy the stupid locket, and glue her own face in it because she didn't want to her picture in there anymore anyway!

I don't think Heather ever wore the locket, but instead just stuck it in a drawer, where it sat for many years.  Eventually, there was an estate sale, for whatever reason, and I got to buy the locket!

The question is, when I repurpose the locket, do I remove Daryl's photo?  I think not.  It seems to add to the charm, humor and heartbreak. It's important to realize there's a story behind every piece of jewelry!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Music Monday- Top Of the World, The Carpenters

I chose this song, "Top of the World" for today's installment of Music Monday for so many reasons.

First of all, it's awesome.
Karen Carpenter has one of the most distinct female voices of all time- So different than anyone else.
"Top of the World" is such an upbeat and happy one.  I just love it.

My mom LOVED The Carpenters, and she hummed and sang their songs all the time.  To the point of driving me crazy as a kid.  There was a time when I found her Carpenter-singing so annoying.  Probably from ages 13-17.  I think just about everything annoyed me during that time span.

But what I wouldn't give to hear Mom hum one of those sweet and sappy songs to me now!

When Mom died nearly 9 years ago, I got to pick all the music to be played at her memorial.  I chose 2 songs by The Carpenters- "Close To You", and "Top of the World".  They both make me think of Mom anytime I hear them.  The lyrics to those songs are just wired into my being because I heard them so much growing up. Sung not just by Karen Carpenter, but by Joan- my mom!

The other day, before a Valentine's gig, I was adding a few songs to my set list. A friend suggested I sing something by The Carpenters.  As it turned out, I never got around to learning anything by them.  I did, however, get out my Greatest Hits CD of theirs and sang along, and got joyously weepy thinking about Mom...

Then, at that gig someone actually requested "any song by The Carpenters".  I don't think anyone has made that request before.  I just found it so coincidental.  And I also sort of believe there are no coincidences.

This song is, OF COURSE, for Mom- who I think had an even prettier voice than Karen Carpenter. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Lucy is 3 Today!

Our little girl is 3 today! 
Yay!  Today is Lucy's birthday!
In case it's confusing, Ricky and Lucy are HALF brother and sister.  Same daddy, different mommies.  Ricky was born 4 days before Lucy, so he's the big brother.  So I told him today that it's his job to show her the ropes on what being 3 is all about!
Lucy's willing to share her birthday "DIVA" cookie with Ricky!
I took her to pick out a cookie, a couple of bones, and a new toy for her special day.  She's of course, sharing it all with her BFF, just like he did for her 4 days ago!  Fair is fair.  And love is love.
The 3 years olds... Patiently waiting for the birthday goods!
Lucy's birthday treats...all to be shared with Ricky.
Lucy is the sweetest and prettiest girl in all the land, as I tell her all the time.  I was so proud of her today when we went to the pet store.  She accepted all the attention that was loaded upon her after I told everyone (and I mean everyone!) in the store it was her birthday.  Lucy's a little shy, so sometimes that's hard for her.  But all those people got to see the sweet little Lu that sometimes people miss when she's barking!  I think today she realized more cookies get put into her mouth when it's not too occupied with barking.

After she shared her Diva cookie with Ricky, they went out into the backyard on this beautiful, sunny day to chew on their new bones.  What a perfect birthday!
"I love my birthday"
"I love Lucy's birthday, too!"

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Ricky Ricardo is 3 Today!

Ricky, getting a big hug from his BFF, Lucy
Ricky's Birthday is today.  I can't believe he's been our boy now for 3 years... I waited my whole life for a boy dog, and the wait was worth it.  I ended up with the perfect sweet boy.  He makes us all happy every single day.  He's funny, he's smart, he's sweet, he's ALL GOOD THINGS, rolled into one fluffy Aussie.

He'll be getting this drum I found for him at an estate sale. I've been searching for a Ricky-sized drum for about a year now, and I was so happy when I saw this one.
Ricky's Drum!

It will be the perfect one for him to learn to play "Babalou".  He's going to be so excited when I surprise him with it this afternoon!