Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Best Place to Be

I am in between Thanksgiving feasts- I just came home from my in-laws, where I actually passed on the turkey dinner so that I would be hungry by the time I got over to my Dad's house for our family's feast.

I stopped by the house to hug my dogs, feeling a little guilty that even tho they are my true, everyday family, I have to leave them at home alone on this day. I also am here to pick up the food I've already prepared to throw in Dad's oven once I get over to his house. And now here I am, sitting by the fire- listening to Jason Mraz, my dogs right beside me, and I'm thinking- Do I really have to go back out?

Well, of course I do, because it's Thanksgiving- And I've got to let my Dad and those at his house know that I love them. But it is hard to get up and leave this spot right now. My home. My home sweet home. There's no place like home. Dorothy was right! And my Mom used to always say that, too. My mom liked being at her own home more than anywhere. She was a real "homebody". I am so glad that when Mom passed away, she got to do it in her own bed, in her own home rather than in a hospital. She went out from her favorite place.

Like so many other things, that "homebody-ness" is something Mom and I share. There's no where I'd rather be than right here. Home.

So maybe that's just how my dogs feel. They know I'll come back home after I've eaten my turkey dinner with my family. Where ever it is that I go, they know I'll always come home. Because THIS is the best place to be.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Home Cooked Meal

One of my "jobs" around the house is that I am the chef- When we eat dinner in, it is me that does the cooking. Sometimes my meals turn out pretty good, other times...not so much. But my husband pretty much always eats it, and thanks me for my effort.

Tonight I started chopping up some vegetables while he stood near me and he said something like, "'re not cutting that the way we learned in the cooking class at Central Market." True, I wasn't, but I was so not in the mood for advice from the non-cooker of the family. So I said, "You know what? You should cook dinner if you want the vegetables chopped the right way." I was really just saying it to shut him up, but I wasn't really suggesting he cook. But he said, "Ok! I'll cook tonight."

Huh? I quickly went from irritated, to grateful.
I went into the den to read my new book while he cooked.

There was a lot of banging around, chopping, and general cooking sounds going on in the kitchen for the next 45 minutes or so. And the occasional, "Where do we keep the salt?" types of questions. And I even heard him yell out "dammit!" once or twice.

Finally, our dinner was ready. Not only were the vegetables cut properly, but the meal was super tasty. Automatically, everything tastes better when someone else has done all the work. And maybe he's a better cook than me anyway, I don't know.

The icing on my proverbial cake tonight was that when I got up to put my plate in the dishwasher, I started to tidy up the kitchen. But then my husband said, "That's okay, Kerr, I'll clean up the kitchen."

I'm tempted to continue cutting the vegetables the wrong way. Especially when my husband is watching.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Okay! I've been listening through my recordings of the songs I wrote for the "50 Songs in 90 Days" challenge and working thr


Okay! I've been listening through my recordings of the songs I wrote for the "50 Songs in 90 Days" challenge and working on/editing the ones that sound worthwhile. And I have noticed that I have a habit of saying "OKAY!" before I sing each song. And after listening to 20-something songs on my digital recorder I had used- (which is all I've made it thru so far) I found myself so annoying with all those "OK"s.

I also have the tendency to be my own cheerleader. When I get to a big number (usually one that ends with a 0) I use that pseudo-enthusiastic voice "OK!" And sometimes I even say words like, "Yay!" or "Woo-hoo!"

If members of a Toastmasters group listened to me on these recordings, they'd use that "um" clicker each time I said "Ok!" It's GOT to stop. It is so NOT okay.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Snoring Dogs

It's a overcast gray day. Leaves are all over the ground and it finally looks like Autumn.

I just returned from some errands, and let my poochies, Zoe and Scout, inside. Altho it would seem they would welcome cooler weather and be looking forward to Fall, and then Winter, they're Texas girls and they seem best suited to the heat. They love to lay out in the sun, and when the days get cooler and I have a fire in the fireplace (which I will confess, I already do! right now) they like to come inside and lay right by it. Zoe especially hates the rain, and neither of them seem to be all that jazzed about the cooler temperatures. So they seemed pretty happy when I invited them to come into the warm house.

We just bought them new pillows because their old ones were beyond stinky- I've only been home about 15 minutes, but they are already crashed out on their pillows snoring. I love the sight and the sound...

They're so endearing to me- those snores. And even those old stinky pillows that have now been moved outside to the patio. If only I could be as forgiving and love so unconditionally with the humans of the world...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voting Hoopla

I didn't do early voting because I wanted to be in the thick of the voting hoopla on election day. During early voting, I happened to be at my library which was a voting spot. I asked how long the wait was, and they said it was about 45 minutes. I asked what was the best time of day to vote and they advised me to get in line before the polls opened, because all day, everyday the wait had been at least 45 minutes. There seemed to be lots of early voting hoopla! Every time I drove past that library during early voting, there was a long line out into the parking lot.

I went to vote today, around 10:30am and there was NO ONE in line. I didn't wait one single minute. There wasn't a line of people to feel patriotic with.

So much for the hoopla. But I know people got out there and voted this year- I guess they just couldn't wait until Tuesday. They wanted to avoid lines but got stuck in them. I wanted to be in a line, but missed it. Oh, the irony!

But all is well that ends well. Assuming this election goes as it should, I will be VERY happy!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Amazing Grace

This is my 300th post on my blog. YOWZA! That's a whole lotta writing about a whole lotta nothing! But how fun it is for me- and it's just icing on the cake that other's actually READ it!

And speaking of icing on the cake...This weekend I went to my friend's 40th birthday party. I asked her how she felt, and she said she felt great- not really any different than the day before, back when she was in her 30s. I looked at her very closely to see if I saw more wrinkles, or gray hair. Nope! She looked just the same. Only better, because she was especially happy at this fun party of hers!

I saw my husband talking to an older woman across the room. Eventually, he yelled over to me, "Kerri! This is Heather's grandmother, Grace!" Then he came over to me and asked me to guess her age. I guessed 80-something. Someone else near me guessed upper 70s. NOPE! She's 99. Ninety-nine. 99, are you outta your mind?!?!

My great-grandmother, Bobba, lived to be a few years over 100. But since I was a kid when I knew her, she just seemed really, really old for years, and years, and years. Other than her, I don't think I've seen many people near the century mark. So I went a little closer to Grace to get a good look.

Once I got closer to where Grace was sitting, she immediately started talking to me. And telling me stories. And I spent the rest of the night listening to her. She's lived thru wars, the Great depression when she lost her home among other things, and she's seen a lot of friends and family come and go thru the years. I asked her what her secret to a long life was and she told me there isn't a secret...that she doesn't keep secrets. So maybe THAT is the secret! I will tell you, Grace seemed like a joyous lady, and I have a feeling that's a big reason for her longevity.

Heather had a 3 piece New Orleans styled band playing at her party. Grace danced in her chair every now and then when something caught her ear. She eventually got up and danced with Heather. Now THAT is a great party!

At the top of this post if a picture of Fermin, and the amazing Grace!