Monday, November 10, 2008

Snoring Dogs

It's a overcast gray day. Leaves are all over the ground and it finally looks like Autumn.

I just returned from some errands, and let my poochies, Zoe and Scout, inside. Altho it would seem they would welcome cooler weather and be looking forward to Fall, and then Winter, they're Texas girls and they seem best suited to the heat. They love to lay out in the sun, and when the days get cooler and I have a fire in the fireplace (which I will confess, I already do! right now) they like to come inside and lay right by it. Zoe especially hates the rain, and neither of them seem to be all that jazzed about the cooler temperatures. So they seemed pretty happy when I invited them to come into the warm house.

We just bought them new pillows because their old ones were beyond stinky- I've only been home about 15 minutes, but they are already crashed out on their pillows snoring. I love the sight and the sound...

They're so endearing to me- those snores. And even those old stinky pillows that have now been moved outside to the patio. If only I could be as forgiving and love so unconditionally with the humans of the world...

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