Thursday, November 13, 2008


Okay! I've been listening through my recordings of the songs I wrote for the "50 Songs in 90 Days" challenge and working on/editing the ones that sound worthwhile. And I have noticed that I have a habit of saying "OKAY!" before I sing each song. And after listening to 20-something songs on my digital recorder I had used- (which is all I've made it thru so far) I found myself so annoying with all those "OK"s.

I also have the tendency to be my own cheerleader. When I get to a big number (usually one that ends with a 0) I use that pseudo-enthusiastic voice "OK!" And sometimes I even say words like, "Yay!" or "Woo-hoo!"

If members of a Toastmasters group listened to me on these recordings, they'd use that "um" clicker each time I said "Ok!" It's GOT to stop. It is so NOT okay.

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darren said...

Ok! OK! Ok! Enough already. Okay?

Total Words = 6
"um" clicker = 4