Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Best Place to Be

I am in between Thanksgiving feasts- I just came home from my in-laws, where I actually passed on the turkey dinner so that I would be hungry by the time I got over to my Dad's house for our family's feast.

I stopped by the house to hug my dogs, feeling a little guilty that even tho they are my true, everyday family, I have to leave them at home alone on this day. I also am here to pick up the food I've already prepared to throw in Dad's oven once I get over to his house. And now here I am, sitting by the fire- listening to Jason Mraz, my dogs right beside me, and I'm thinking- Do I really have to go back out?

Well, of course I do, because it's Thanksgiving- And I've got to let my Dad and those at his house know that I love them. But it is hard to get up and leave this spot right now. My home. My home sweet home. There's no place like home. Dorothy was right! And my Mom used to always say that, too. My mom liked being at her own home more than anywhere. She was a real "homebody". I am so glad that when Mom passed away, she got to do it in her own bed, in her own home rather than in a hospital. She went out from her favorite place.

Like so many other things, that "homebody-ness" is something Mom and I share. There's no where I'd rather be than right here. Home.

So maybe that's just how my dogs feel. They know I'll come back home after I've eaten my turkey dinner with my family. Where ever it is that I go, they know I'll always come home. Because THIS is the best place to be.

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