Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dear Listener

Dear Listener,

Although you came up to me after I played last night and gave me a very generous tip, all I said to you was, "Thank You". But I'll add here on my blog, although you will never read it because you don't even know my name, a further explanation of my gratitude.

While I sang to a bar full of profiles and wine glasses, yours was the face I saw turned toward me, really listening. I'm pretty sure you led the applause after every song I played. And you even stood up for awhile toward the end of my set. I noticed and it was meaningful to me.

One slightly drunk man meandered over to me while I was performing and told me the owner of the bar was gay, and recommended I play something a gay man would like. I'm not even sure what he meant exactly, but he made me uncomfortable. He just stood there, longer than I wanted him to looking at me and saying, "Oh, you know!" But I didn't.

I'm not sure what kind of songs that man wanted me to play, but he made me feel like they were something other than the ones I was playing. And I thought, "Hm. What should I morph into? Should I try a Cher song?"

But because of you, Dear Listener, I knew the person that was really listening in a loud bar, liked my song choices. And you helped me feel confident enough just be myself, and play the music that I play. You made me happy that I was ME. I couldn't really be anyone else anyway...

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