Friday, December 5, 2008

Music to My Ears

Yes, it 'tis the season. And I know most people get sick of hearing the holiday songs while they're shopping, and many complain about how commercialized the holiday season is. But I say, "Turn that music up! Spread the good cheer!" because THAT is what I'd rather hear when I'm shopping...

While out doing some of my shopping this week, several times, I've noticed very loud cell-phone talkers thinking they are multi-tasking and getting several things done in one quick swoop, by having seemingly deep conversations while getting either grocery, or holiday shopping done. (And that, my friends, is a very long sentence. Whew!)

One woman I overheard was one aisle over from me at Target. I could hear her angrily saying over and over, "YOU ARE ENABLING HIM! YOU ARE ENABLING HIM". I actually walked over to her aisle just to check on her and make sure she was okay. But she was just sort of feeling cans of beans, and looking bored as she gave out her important advice. Her conversation went on for a few more minutes while I did more shopping. When I passed her aisle again a little later, she was still talking on her cell, and still feeling off the beans.

First of all, I wonder, why talk so loud? If the person was there in the store with her, would they be having this conversation for everyone to hear? It seemed kind of private. Secondly, rubbing your hands over cans of beans doesn't constitute a shopping trip. Hang up the phone and shop, or leave the store and talk on the phone. Chose one. Please, just one.

Today while I was at a department store, I overheard another very serious conversation that should not have been had while looking at jewelry around lots of other shoppers.

It's December. The stores are hustle-y and bustle-y enough without all these excessive, loud and dramatic phone calls. These multi-taskers are just making it unpleasant for the rest of us.

Linger in the bean aisle if you like, caress all the costume jewelry that you want, but please be PRESENT with those items and give them your full attention. OR, like I said, leave the store, and give your enabling friend your full attention.

And please, let us hear that holiday music instead!

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Anonymous said...

The texters and the cellphone talkers drive me craziest in traffic-