Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Movie to See on Thanksgiving Day: ABOUT TIME

I saw the trailer for "About Time", and thought it looked okay~ definitely good enough for a lover of nearly all rom-com movies, like me, to go see.

I went into it thinking it would just be a sweet little love story that had something to do with time travel.  I got the impression from the trailer that it was about a guy getting to do multiple "do- overs" to get it right with the girl he likes.  That is totally not what the movie was about, and I had it categorized all wrong. 

As it turns out, this was my favorite movie of the year... possibly of the past several.  Yes, it was a little about time travel, and it certainly was a love story, but mostly it was a reminder to us all to live each day of our lives with gratitude, and live it so time travel do-overs aren't necessary. Because for most of us, you only live every day of this life once.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, treasure the people and the experiences of your day, and if you have time, take them all to see "About Time". 

Friday, November 22, 2013

50 Years Later In Dallas

 I have lived my whole life in Dallas, once also referred to as "The City of Hate."

I wasn't even born when JFK was shot, 50 years ago today.  But I, like most Americans of just about any age, have seen the tragic footage of that day.  I've also read lots of books about Jack and Jackie, seen movies, and after this week, watched many hours of tv specials all about the Kennedy years.

As I watch coverage about that day, November 22, 1963, I feel sad and shocked.  I can't believe this happened to this man, his family, and our country.  I can't believe it was some 24 year old crazy person with a $12 rifle that changed the world that day.  As I'm watching the lead up to that hour of that day, I know the end result, but yet, I just can't believe it will happen.  But it does and it did.

I understand how easily conspiracy theories come into play.  And some of them even sound logical.   We need it to be something much bigger than oswald that caused this terrible tragedy.  But more than likely, it wasn't.

I feel so sad for Jackie.  That trip to Dallas was her first after losing her days old baby, Patrick,  back in August.  And then, she lost her husband who she said was the love of her life.  It breaks my heart for her.

I'm sad for Dallas, that our city became infamous for that day.  The truth is, there are crazy people everywhere.  It could've happened in any city.  oswald wasn't even from Dallas, and lived here only briefly.  It wasn't Dallas' fault, and we are not, and never were, a "City of Hate".

But it's a sad day around here.  Still.  50 years later. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Our Weekend In the Texas HIll Country

We just returned from visiting our friend, Kelly. She lives in Boerne, Texas- in the Hill Country.  It's just gorgeous there, and we love visiting.  Not just me and Fermin, but Lucy and Ricky too!
the chain gang: Molly, Daisy, Lucy, Ricky and Henri la Rue
My dogs both had so much fun they have been in happy comas since our return.  They loved running around on Kelly's huge property with their friends, and getting burrs in their feet and ticks on their ears.  They had baths this afternoon and I managed to get most of that stuff out of their coats.

While they've been resting, I've been ogling the vintage costume jewelry Kelly gave me.  Seriously, I can't stop fondling it!  She found so many sparkly and beautiful things at some great estate sale and gave it all to me!
vintage jewelry to repurpose soon
On our way back to Dallas, we stopped at Enchanted Rock for a little hike, but Ricky and Lucy were just too amped up, and I felt sure they would be pulling on their leashes, and pulling me down.  It was a little late in the day anyhow, so we skipped the hike and headed home instead.  Now we have yet another reason to return to the Hill Country soon!
photo of Enchanted Rock - not the actual rock tho, just the signage.  Next time, the rock!!
We ate great meals, got caught up with our friends, met a new one, went to a soccer game, saw an amazing movie (more on that later this week!), got loads of doggy kisses, and Fermin protected Lucy from a dog attack and became my hero all over again-- All in all, an enchanting weekend!

Friday, November 15, 2013

One of a Kind Gift Ideas!

This week, I've been listing some new repurposed vintage jewelry, just in time for the holiday season, over at my Etsy shop RESPARKABLE VINTAGE.  Keep in mind, everything I make is an absolute one of a kind, so each piece is very special! I'll continue listing lots of other pretty l'il thangs though out the season, so check back often.  Daily even.

For now, here's a small sampling of some of the goodies over in the shop-- These would make great gifts for a friend, or for yourself!  
vintage rhinestone snowman, on vintage silk threaded ball beads
vintage earring that was repurposed into a pendant for this stunning, festive necklace
repurposed vintage wreath stretchy bracelet
art deco pin repurposed vintage holiday necklace
***If you would like a custom order, I can turn some of your old vintage keepsakes you have stashed away, into something "resparkable".  What a unique gift to yourself that would make.  Just email me and we can get started!  :)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Sparkle is my favorite word.  It's made it's way into a few songs I've written, and I even named my Etsy shop Resparkable Vintage, because my goal is always to give a new sparkle to vintage jewelry. 

Years ago, I was in an Artist Way group, and one week, our homework assignment was to send a good old fashioned letter in the good old fashioned mail to someone else in the class.  I got a sweet letter from one lady who had cut out the dictionary definition of the word "sparkle", and told me the word reminded her of me.  It was one of the best compliments I've ever received.  I've kept that letter and that word on my bulletin board ever since!

This is a video of my song "Sparkle and Shine", posted on YouTube by some nice guy who was in the audience of a show I did a few years ago at Jefferson Freedom Cafe.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

My First Craft Fair

We did it!  My friend Allyson and I sold our repurposed vintage jewelry at a craft fair this weekend!  It was our first craft fair, so we didn't quite know what to expect, so we were a little nervous going into it.  But we did it!

It was probably the perfect first craft fair for us... It was pretty small, so it never felt stressful.  My Square Reader had trouble swiping people's credit cards, so I had to type in all the information manually.  But since the crowd was small, it didn't feel hurried or rushed.  Everyone was nice and we got a lot of great feedback!

Here's how our booth looked...
The "Sparkle" Booth

repurposed jewelry, and repurposed display pieces
People seemed to like the jewelry a lot, and they had nice things to say about our booth.  In fact, some people asked about buying some of our displays!!  We joked that if the jewelry thing didn't pan out, we're pretty sure we could just start selling displays.  But I'd WAY rather get to keep repurposing jewelry! ;)

The other nice thing lots of people commented on were my price tags.  That made me so happy because I spent a lot of time making them.  But I really loved them, and felt like it was worth the effort.  I photocopied old pictures from the 40s (some of my Grandmother, Lola!), cut them out and glued them onto tag board.  I wrote a little description of each piece in its tag.  I wanted people to know what was special (vintage!) about each piece, and hoped that might add to their appreciated for the jewelry.
handmade display tags for my repurposed jewelry designs
All in all, the craft fair was a success for Resparkable Vintage.

We have another Holiday Bazaar coming up in mid-December. 
We'll have lots of new stuff, because the elves will be very busy between now and then repurposing vintage jewelry into something fresh and new!  Hope to see you there...

Bishop Lynch Christmas Bazaar:  Saturday, December 14 9am-5pm
6139 Highgate Lane
Dallas, TX 75214

Thursday, November 7, 2013

BNHS Holiday Bazaar and Craft Show THIS SATURDAY!

I'm so excited that this Saturday, November 9, is the Bobcat Dazzlers Holiday Bazaar & Craft Show. It's going to be so fun, with so much to see...Over 50 vendors, Dallas Tap Dazzlers (at 12:30 p.m.), and pictures with Santa- all to get you in the holiday spirit!

I'll be at one of the booths selling my handmade Resparkable Vintage jewelry there, so please stop by and say hello! 

It starts up at 9am and runs until 6pm. 
Hope to see you there!  

Byron Nelson High School
2775 Bobcat Blvd
Trophy Club, TX 76262
cross section: 114/Trophy Club Dr OR 377/Denton Hwy & Marshall Creek Rd

Spread the word!  Bring your friends!  Joy to the World!

One Of My Inspirations...Jonatha Brooke

A little earlier tonight, I was in the tub with my iPad.  That's right, I take my iPad in the tub which is probably not totally recommended, but I am a rebel at heart.  Obviously.

Anyway, I intended to read some of the book I just started, The Circle, but I found myself so preoccupied with my monkey mind distractions that I just couldn't focus.  So, I hopped over to waste time on Facebook instead.  And there, I saw a link a friend had posted of Nancy Wilson, on a YouTube tutorial about how to play the beginning of "Crazy on You".  

That video, of course, led me to other Heart videos.

Somehow, I eventually landed on some Jonatha Brooke videos.  And the next thing I knew, I was pruning in my tub.  But I felt inspired instead of monkey-minded. Jonatha Brooke never fails to do that for me.

Around the time I became a gigging musician, I got to see Jonatha play at the now (sadly) defunct Caravan of Dreams in Ft. Worth.  I also got to see her play an intimate little free show at the (also now defunct) Borders bookstore.  I was so inspired by her.  I loved her songs- her lyrics, and cool altered guitar tunings, I loved her interaction with her audience... I really just loved everything about her.

So when I would get nervous at one of my own gigs, I'd just pretend I was Jonatha, and I immediately felt more confident.

I love that she just keeps following life down the off the beaten path.  Her songs are usually in non-standard guitar tunings, in keys that perhaps aren't radio friendly. (Because they're not cookie cutter pop music.)  She cared for her ailing mother, who she recently lost, and has since immersed herself in writing a play about her mother, with an accompanying CD that will hopefully be out soon.  I'm sure the creative process is therapeutic for her, and I love that her fans get to share in that.  The next batch of songs may never get radio air play either.  But I love that the choices she makes don't seem to be about having a "hit".

Anyway, I just adore her.

Here's a video I ran across of her performing "Sweetest Angel"-  a song she wrote using Woody Guthrie lyrics/poetry to music she wrote.  (Check out the whole CD, Woody's words, Jonatha's music, Called "The Works"!!!) Gorgeous.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Bobcat Dazzlers Holiday Bazaar November 9

Holy Guacamole!  The holiday bazaar, my first as a vendor, was right around the corner.  Now it's closer than right around the corner~ It's  just a few houses down the road!!!  3 days away.  THIS SATURDAY.

And I cannot even believe how much thought, time, energy and worry I've put into it already.  It really bothers me that I get so bogged down by little things.  I recognize it's sort of ridiculous.  But I once heard someone say that when we get nervous about some new endeavor, or a performance, or whatever, it's because we really, really care.
And it's true.  If I didn't care, why in the world would I be expending all this energy on it!?  And I guess the more you care about something, the more you're afraid that nobody else will.

Fortunately, I'm venturing into this with a great friend, and ultimately, no matter what, this will be a good thing.  If it's a disaster, it will be something we can eventually laugh about, and hopefully learn from.  If it's a smashing success, than obviously, that will be awesome! 

It's a long day for sure--- We set up our booth around 7am, to be ready for shoppers from 9apm-6pm, then we have to load everything up and drive back to Dallas.  Dinner is going to taste great that night, and my bed is going to feel absolutely dreamy.  For sure.  No matter what.

The Bobcat Dazzlers Holiday Bazaar & Craft Show is Saturday, November 9 from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. at Byron Nelson High School (BNHS). Over 50 vendors are participating this year (including REPARKABLE VINTAGE!) and an assortment of holiday goodies will be on sale. Take pictures with Santa and don't miss the feature performance by the Dallas Tap Dazzlers at 12:30 p.m.! 
Byron Nelson High School  
2775 Bobcat Boulevard
Trophy Club, TX  76262

Friday, November 1, 2013

Gig at The Oar House This Friday And Saturday Night

I'll be singing at The Oar House, out in Rockwall, both Friday and Saturday night this weekend, beginning at 7pm.  It's great food, a nice hang out, and decent music.  :)