Monday, November 18, 2013

Our Weekend In the Texas HIll Country

We just returned from visiting our friend, Kelly. She lives in Boerne, Texas- in the Hill Country.  It's just gorgeous there, and we love visiting.  Not just me and Fermin, but Lucy and Ricky too!
the chain gang: Molly, Daisy, Lucy, Ricky and Henri la Rue
My dogs both had so much fun they have been in happy comas since our return.  They loved running around on Kelly's huge property with their friends, and getting burrs in their feet and ticks on their ears.  They had baths this afternoon and I managed to get most of that stuff out of their coats.

While they've been resting, I've been ogling the vintage costume jewelry Kelly gave me.  Seriously, I can't stop fondling it!  She found so many sparkly and beautiful things at some great estate sale and gave it all to me!
vintage jewelry to repurpose soon
On our way back to Dallas, we stopped at Enchanted Rock for a little hike, but Ricky and Lucy were just too amped up, and I felt sure they would be pulling on their leashes, and pulling me down.  It was a little late in the day anyhow, so we skipped the hike and headed home instead.  Now we have yet another reason to return to the Hill Country soon!
photo of Enchanted Rock - not the actual rock tho, just the signage.  Next time, the rock!!
We ate great meals, got caught up with our friends, met a new one, went to a soccer game, saw an amazing movie (more on that later this week!), got loads of doggy kisses, and Fermin protected Lucy from a dog attack and became my hero all over again-- All in all, an enchanting weekend!

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