Friday, November 30, 2012

Close To Me

I'm going to try to make this brief, since typing these days takes me about 5 times longer than usual, and comes with a certain amount of discomfort.  But I really wanna tell this, so here goes...

Earlier this week, I had to get a little surgery on my hand.

Although it wasn't a big deal, I was nervous.

While I was in  the pre-operating "holding" room, I was around lots of other patients also waiting their turn for surgery.  Most of them had someone there with them, but I had Fermin just wait up in my room because it seemed silly to have him come down with me, and he had calls he had to make for work.

But like Tom Petty says, "The waiting is the hardest part..."- All the waiting got me really nervous.  And my face usually gives my feelings away.

There was a woman there, about the age my mom would be, waiting with her husband who was about to undergo double knee replacement surgery.  She came over and started talking with me.  Nothing really so profound.  She was just helping me pass the time and calm down a bit.  I don't even really remember what it was we talked about. But the profound part was, she tucked the covers in around me and gently patted me on the shoulder.  Just like Mom would have.  When it was time for the surgeons to roll her husband off to surgery we said our goodbyes.  I thanked her for talking to me, and told her I felt better already because of her.  And that she reminded me a little of my Mom.

Later that night, I had a dream about Mom.  It was present day, she wasn't sick like she usually is when I dream of her, and we were shopping at estate sales together.  She grabbed the basket with the things I intended to buy and said, "Here, give me that!  I'm buying that for you."  It seemed so real.  It was just like so many days Mom and I have spent together.

The next morning, (in real life) I was at an estate sale and saw this music box:
It looked similar to a few Mom had given me-- (I have a big collection of all sorts of music boxes, mostly all given to me by her.)  I wound it up and of course, it played "Close To You" by the Carpenters.  That song has huge sentimental value to me-  Mom used to sing it to me all the time when I was a little kid.  Anytime I hear it, I think of her.

all the bear music boxes given to me by Mom
I'm always looking for signs that Mom is still around me.  This wasn't just one little thing.  This was her making it very clear she's still close to me when I need her.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Healing Now

A few years ago I had trigger finger release surgery on my pinky finger..  And I figured that would be the end of that.

But I have more than one finger.  Recently I started having the same problem with my thumb.  Initially, I thought, "Well, at least it's my right thumb." (I'm left handed. )  I figured, no need to work myself into a frenzy. I don't really use it so much anyway, right?  But wait a minute.... it's a THUMB. It's actually one of the leaders when it comes to fingers. And I pick with it! (My guitar that is- don't be gross!)  And it comes in quite handy when I make jewelry.

First, I tried cortizone injections.  Then, acupuncture.  I cancelled gigs and stopped making jewelry altogether.  But it just kept getting worse and worse.  I realized I haven't bent my thumb in about a month without a staggering pain coursing through me, so I decided to go for the sugery.

The surgery is really pretty easy, and it fixes it for the long term.  And as a musician, and jewelry crafter, that's important to me!

Yesterday was the surgery.
For the next two weeks, I'll be wearing this poncho a lot-- The way my hand is dressed, its too big to fit through most sweaters and shirt sleeves.
But soon, that big puffy bandage will be coming off, the stitches will be coming out, and both music, and jewelry making will merrily resume!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Goodbye Kitty

I liked Hello Kitty back when I was a young lassie.
Me, as a young Lassie.
I then rediscovered HK as an adult and fell in love!  And when I fall in love with something, I sometimes go a little overboard.  I have lots and lots of things emblazoned with Kitty's picture and name.

Two of my favorite HK items are #1, my wallet:
and #2, my iPhone case:
I found the wallet a few years ago when I was on a vacation in San Diego.  I've used the wallet every day since buying it, and Kitty's face is starting to rub off, and it's pretty dirty.  And at this point, just a little disgusting.
The iPhone cover was for the first iPhone hand-me-down I recieved from my husband.  Now that he just got the 5, I inherited the 4s, so the HK case no longer fits my phone.

I decided, hey...I'm feeling a bit more sophisticated these days.  (Not really, just decided I was ready for a little change.)

So, I'm now using a far more mature looking- altho still super cute wallet...
that my friend, Allyson found for me when she was in Paris.  We both think it's the fancy button that makes this wallet so special!  And the pink leather feels like butter! 

And I just got my new iPhone case...
Very mature, don't you think?

I still love Hello Kitty.  But I'm taking a little break from her.  So really, it isn't "Goodbye" after all!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Leaving On a Jet Plane

Tomorrow I'm off to visit my friend, Kelly, in Pennsylvania. 

We're going to NYC on Friday to see the Broadway musical, "Once".  And then the next morning, we get to watch her 9 year-old-daughter, Sara, in a play.  (I'm seriously at least as excited to see that as I am "Once"!)
Me, Kelly, and Sara
 Beyond that, I have no idea.  But I know there will not be a dull moment.
This is what I mean-  Fun comes out of the stupidest things when we're together!
I've known Kelly longer than any friend I have.  Even longer than I've known Fermin.  The beginning of our friendship dates back to when we were in grade school.  (About her daughter's age, which is so crazy!)

It's amazing we've kept in such good touch for so many years. She hasn't lived in Dallas since graduating from college.  But because we've known each other forever, it's always so easy to just pick right back up where we left off.

I hope everyone has a friend like that.  I am so lucky I do.

Friday, November 2, 2012

One Dollar Makes me Holler

Or should I say, one dolla makes me holla?!

Here are today's estate sale shopping finds.  The brass bell from England: $1.  The little ornate brass pill box: $1.  And my broken vintage pin: $1.
Of course, if my time is worth anything, then my finds are more valuable than the dollar spent on each one.  I was shopping from 9-12:30 to find those little treasures.  Such hard work!  ;)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fuzzy Memories

Just a few days before Halloween, we carved these pumpkins with our friends Lindsey and Sammy:
(There are only 3 because Fermin was too slow to get his in the shot.)
And as of today, Halloween is behind us.  So this morning, I was asking myself the question, "Should I get rid of the pumpkins now, or keep them around a little while?"

I looked at mine closely...
And then a little closer...
So I don't know....what do you think?  Should I get rid of the pumpkins, or hang on to them a little while longer?!