Friday, November 23, 2012

Goodbye Kitty

I liked Hello Kitty back when I was a young lassie.
Me, as a young Lassie.
I then rediscovered HK as an adult and fell in love!  And when I fall in love with something, I sometimes go a little overboard.  I have lots and lots of things emblazoned with Kitty's picture and name.

Two of my favorite HK items are #1, my wallet:
and #2, my iPhone case:
I found the wallet a few years ago when I was on a vacation in San Diego.  I've used the wallet every day since buying it, and Kitty's face is starting to rub off, and it's pretty dirty.  And at this point, just a little disgusting.
The iPhone cover was for the first iPhone hand-me-down I recieved from my husband.  Now that he just got the 5, I inherited the 4s, so the HK case no longer fits my phone.

I decided, hey...I'm feeling a bit more sophisticated these days.  (Not really, just decided I was ready for a little change.)

So, I'm now using a far more mature looking- altho still super cute wallet...
that my friend, Allyson found for me when she was in Paris.  We both think it's the fancy button that makes this wallet so special!  And the pink leather feels like butter! 

And I just got my new iPhone case...
Very mature, don't you think?

I still love Hello Kitty.  But I'm taking a little break from her.  So really, it isn't "Goodbye" after all!

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