Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

In my neighborhood, there's usually one large mass of young, cute, dressed up trick or treaters.  And they all come at once. I'm not kidding, last year, the doorbell rang before it was even dark, before my husband had even left the office, and I opened up the door, not quite prepared for the 30 spidermans, fairy princesses, monsters, ghosts and goblins in front of me.

There's an active Moms group in my neighborhood, and my next door neighbor always hosts the pre- trick or treating party. My house is the first of the houses on their tour.   Which is great.  But also, a little overwhelming, honestly.   These are little, cute kids, and I guess they gotta get to bed early, so I sort of get it...  But really?  All of them at once?!  Can't we have them split into about 4 different groups?  Doesn't that sound more manageable for everyone?!

After that first huge group, there's usually just a little trickle of other kids, (apparently not a part of the Neighborhood's Mom's group) for about and hour.  Then, once it gets good and dark, it's usually only over-aged, non-costumed punks holding out pillow cases, not even greeting me with "Trick or Treat" that ring my doorbell. I begrudgingly throw candy to them, they don't bother a "thank you",  I then shut the door  and roll my eyes, letting Lucy and Ricky know, I don't think those kids are cool at all, and I hope they never act that ungrateful when given a treat.
Tricks + Good Manners= Treats
This year, I'm hoping the little cute mob will spread out a little better so I can actually admire the costumes, and not feel like I'm just throwing candy at kids to thin out a crowd.  I'm also planning to turn off my porch light and shut 'er down by the time the teenagers arrive. 

Hopefully I can avoid getting our house tp-ed for this.  ;)
Happy Halloween.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Writing In November

Did you know November is National Novel Writing Month?

November 1st-30st, "The world needs your novel"
I guess, depending on where you live, November might sound like a great time to take on the big endeavor of churning out your next novel- It's cold and dreary, and staying inside at the keyboard, dreaming up a story might just be the best way to pass the time.

But I live in Dallas.  The days have only just begun to cool off enough that I can walk my dogs even after 9am and not have to worry about any of us suffering from heat exhaustion for the remainder of the long day. 

The beginning of Fall is my favorite time of the year.  For sure.  Crisp cool days, cooler nights, falling leaves, the occasional downpour, sweaters and Uggs, and holidays in our near future.... Ah!  I LOVE IT.

However, I also love a good challenge. 

But writing a novel... in a month?  I don't think so.  I'm not really sure I've got a novel in me. 

But I'm pretty sure I've got a few decent short stories.  And maybe even a brief memoir.  And most definitely, more consistent blog posts!

My favorite time of the year might just be the perfect time to get myself back into a regular writing practice.  These days, writing has been on the back burner, while jewelry making has taken center stage.  But I love to write!  And I think it helps my jumbled mind to do it regularly.

So on these beautiful Fall days of November, I will be writing about an hour a day.  If it's a rainy day, or a little chilly, I'll put on a pot of tea and go nuts with the writing (probably while eating nuts)!  Or, if it's sunny and beautiful outside, I can take it to the streets-- or I can even write in my hammock if I feel it necessary! 

There's a nice little website here where you can get tips, support, track your progess, and connect with other writers online if you want.  I'll be one of them.

The world needs our novels, or short stories, or whatever...

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bryan Cranston 4 Ever

Breaking Bad ruined me.

I was a little late to the party, as many viewers were.  My husband and I began watching the series off of Netflix just a few weeks before the second part of the final season began.  We had a few awesome weekends of Breaking Bad marathons, and I quickly became an addict, so to speak.

It was the best show I've ever seen.  Nothing else even comes close.  In fact, I can't really even think of many of my favorite movies that come close to matching the amazing story, as well as the top notch acting we got to see on Breaking Bad.  I can't think of a more versatile and solid actor than Bryan Cranston.

I was sad seeing it end, but at the same time, thought it was great that it ended how and when it should have, in just the perfect way for the story.  Every last detail was wrapped up, and as mixed as viewers opinions were on which charactors they loved or hated, I think Breaking Bad cleverly made just about everyone know that THAT was the right ending... The only ending it could have been.

Now, when I watch Homeland, which I used to think was just the best drama, I'm left with a feeling of,  "Is that all they've got?!"  (And, "Where the hell is Brody anyway?")

We've tried watching a few of the new dramas- "Dracula", "Betrayal"- and we've even tried to get on the "Scandal" bandwagon.

But like I said, nothing compares to Breaking Bad. 
Sing us out, Sister...

Monday, October 28, 2013

Holiday Bazaar in DFW Area November 9

Altho I've since gone back and corrected it, in my last post, I originally posted the wrong date for the holiday bazaar where I will be selling my jewelry.  So just to make it clear, and in hopes that you'll mark, or re-mark, your calendar, here is the updated, and correct information:

BNHS Bobcat Dazzlers Holiday Bazaar
November 9th, 2013
9:00AM - 6:00PM
Byron Nelson High School
2775 Bobcat Blvd
Trophy Club, TX 76262
cross section: 114/Trophy Club Dr OR 377/Denton Hwy & Marshall Creek Rd

I've been busy tagging all the merchandise (lots of its!- these handmade tags may be the death of me), working on how to display things, etc.  I will be ready when the day arrives.  I will.  I will.  I will. 

Me and my fellow vintage jewelry enthusiast, Allyson, are so excited about our first craft fair!  YAY!  Hope to see you there.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Holiday Craft Show in DFW Area Saturday, NOVEMBER 9

In just a couple of weeks, I'll be a vendor for the first time at a holiday craft fair.  I'll be selling my repurposed jewelry that I love making, and usually sell on-line over at in my Resparkable Vintage shop.

I know it's hard to buy jewelry when you can't even touch it or try it on to see how it looks, so I'm happy to get the opportunity to put it in front of people.

But I'm also nervous.  Seriously nervous.

I have a friend that also makes jewelry, so we teamed up to share a booth at a couple of craft fairs this Fall.  When I filled out our applications, the show dates were far off, so it wasn't all that intimidating.  But now, as the date is approaching, I'm beginning to freak out.

I'm unsure what to expect about traffic to our booth, I've never used my SQUARE app to take credit card sales, and of course, I'm nervous about the obvious:  Will people like the jewelry enough to buy it? 

But that's normal, right?  I figure, this first event is just a "get-your-feet-wet" and "learn-from-your-mistakes" mission. We aren't performing surgery or anything that's going to take or save a life, we are just selling something that we love! 

Please mark your calendar for this one! 
It's one day only:
November 9, from 9am-6pm
Byron Nelson High School 
2775 Bobcat Blvd.
Trophy Club, TX 76262  
(cross section: 114/Trophy Club Dr OR 377/Denton Hwy & Marshall Creek Rd)

If you live out that way, or have friends that do, please send them.  There are lots of different vendors selling all sorts of things, so it's a great place to find lots of unique holiday gifts.  And if you're looking for some one-of-a-kind, lovingly handmade repurposed jewelry, please come to our SPARKLE booth!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Lone (Lonely and Boring) Star State License Plate

The newest and current Texas license plate looks like this:
So, so boring.

Yesterday, the two cars I could see in front of me had such better license plates, because they weren't from Texas, where everything is bigger and more boring.

I'm jealous of the people who live in New Mexico...
ahhh- color AND a hot air balloon!  "land of enchantment"
 And the people in Arizona...
again- color!  and now a cactus.  nice!
And although I didn't see this one on the road, I did see it on the final episode of Breaking Bad, and I sure like this state's slogan on their license plate:
C'mon, Texas!  We can do better!  This boring, no color plate just does not represent us well at all.  Let's come up with a great slogan, and maybe paint on some bluebonnets or something!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

For Sentimental Reasons

The last enthusiastic thing my mom ever said to me was, "Oh! I want you to have my bike!"  She died within a week or two after that.  So of course, I was so happy to have that bike of hers! What a fun and happy gift she left me.

Fast forward several years later, and my sweet brother gave me a one speed cruiser bike I nicknamed Pinky Tuscadero. 
Me and Pinky, about to head of on a Michael Jackson memorial bike ride
I loved Pinky, and Mom's bike sort of took a back seat for a while, and just sat in the garage for months.  And months.  And months.

One day, Fermin and I  ran into a friend, who told us her bike had been stolen out of her garage.  Since I had an extra bike sitting around (and Fermin was so annoyed by the space it was taking up), I told her she could use mine until she got one.  But I made it clear, I wasn't giving away the bike, I was loaning out Mom's bike.

Fast forward again, about a year later...

Pinky is at my brother's being photographed so I can sell her, and he's going to get me a Villy Custom Cruiser instead, because hello?!?!  He's Fleetwood, owner of Villy Custom Cruiser Bikes.  Of course his sister should be a riding billboard for the brand!  Until I get a new one, (and because he's giving it to me, I'm certainly not making a single demand on when I get it!) I'm without a bike at all.  And the weather is just so nice right now for bike riding.  And I keep thinking about Mom's bike.  And I miss her.  And... And... And  I WANT THE BIKE BACK!

So I texted my friend and told her just that, and could I pick it up one night this week.  She said of course. It seemed to be all good.

UNTIL, I asked Fermin what night we could pick up Mom's bike.  He gave me a look like I was the stingiest, cruelest friend ever.  He thought it was just so wrong of me to ask for it back.

I stewed about it it, worried about it, lost sleep about it.  I thought maybe I didn't say the bike was on loan, and maybe I was wrong in asking for it back. Maybe I'm just a crazy, stingy bitch. But then this morning, I texted my friend, explained that I hoped nothing was miscommunicated, and I hope she wasn't mad that I wanted the bike back.

I am so glad I expressed myself and cleared the air.  Fermin's opinion was just Fermin's opinion.  Maybe it's not what he would've done.  Although, maybe, if he had lost his Mom, he would better understand the sentimentality of that bike.

From his standpoint, it was just taking up extra space in the garage.  But from how I see it, SO WHAT?!  Even if that bike is strictly ornamental, and I never even ride it, I want it.  Always.  I don't mind lending it to a friend, because I know Mom would like that, but when I want it back, I don't want to feel guilty about it.

My friend, of course, said she totally understood, and that I had communicated how sentimental it is, and she knew it was just a loaner.

Fermin and I will never see eye to eye on this, but that is totally okay with me.  I'm getting my mom's bike back, and I can't wait to ride it!