Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

In my neighborhood, there's usually one large mass of young, cute, dressed up trick or treaters.  And they all come at once. I'm not kidding, last year, the doorbell rang before it was even dark, before my husband had even left the office, and I opened up the door, not quite prepared for the 30 spidermans, fairy princesses, monsters, ghosts and goblins in front of me.

There's an active Moms group in my neighborhood, and my next door neighbor always hosts the pre- trick or treating party. My house is the first of the houses on their tour.   Which is great.  But also, a little overwhelming, honestly.   These are little, cute kids, and I guess they gotta get to bed early, so I sort of get it...  But really?  All of them at once?!  Can't we have them split into about 4 different groups?  Doesn't that sound more manageable for everyone?!

After that first huge group, there's usually just a little trickle of other kids, (apparently not a part of the Neighborhood's Mom's group) for about and hour.  Then, once it gets good and dark, it's usually only over-aged, non-costumed punks holding out pillow cases, not even greeting me with "Trick or Treat" that ring my doorbell. I begrudgingly throw candy to them, they don't bother a "thank you",  I then shut the door  and roll my eyes, letting Lucy and Ricky know, I don't think those kids are cool at all, and I hope they never act that ungrateful when given a treat.
Tricks + Good Manners= Treats
This year, I'm hoping the little cute mob will spread out a little better so I can actually admire the costumes, and not feel like I'm just throwing candy at kids to thin out a crowd.  I'm also planning to turn off my porch light and shut 'er down by the time the teenagers arrive. 

Hopefully I can avoid getting our house tp-ed for this.  ;)
Happy Halloween.

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