Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Oh my god!!! I am so happy. Reporting to you here from ASHEVILLE, NC!!! I'm attending the Swannanoa Gathering which is a week long song camp. I'm taking 4 classes each day and getting to listen to so much great music and meet such nice people.
Can't I just live here already?!

Maybe you've felt this way about a place before too: Whenever I visit, I feel like it's my home and that I shouldn't just be here for a week. I think I belong here. My brother feels it about Hawaii, my sister feels it about Seattle (and fortunately, LIVES there!), and I feel it about Asheville. We've all got our little "dream living" places I guess.

But what I know is, I'm here for a little over a week. I'm going to LOVE every minute of it. But, for now at least, Dallas is my home. And when it comes time to return, I've got good reasons to go back.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Sweet Charity

I went and saw "Sweet Charity" at Fair Park tonight. It may be my favorite musical I've ever seen, and I've seen some good ones.

First of all let me say, the Music Hall at Fair Park is UGLY. There is not one pretty thing inside that theater that could possibly distract you from looking at the stage. We live in Dallas. Can't we have some pretty in the theater??? The seats are a gross synthetic itchy material in green, the carpet is some random beige and the walls are brown. Even the curtain is ugly. I suggest in the time between "Sweet Charity" and the next musical that doesn't begin until mid-Sept, that they renovate that place. The people of Dallas deserve better. We paid $70 a seat. C'mon people!

Ok, now that I've gotten the rant out of the way, let me RAVE!

Paige Douglas, from the Trading Places (Spaces?) show, is Charity- a good hearted prostitute that wants to trade in her life for a good one. And she is so likeable, you want her to get it! She was spectacular. She's not just some famous person who got lucky to be cast in a great musical because of her name. She's hugely talented.

There were lots of great songs: "Hey Big Spender!" and "If They Could See Me Now" were just a few. And the dancing was awesome! It was a sweet love story- A romance, but really more about Charity really loving herself most importantly.

It was about 3 hours of pure entertainment. I was excited the whole time. I just LOVED it. It's a short run, so go see it soon. If you like musicals AT ALL, you will love this one. I money-back guarantee it. (Not really. But I really do think any theatre fan would love this one. Even in that ugly theatre!)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Is It Friendly Here?

The other day I was talking to some friends about upcoming travel spots. One person was going to Charleston- or maybe just talking about wanting to go there. Anyway, someone then commented on the friendliness (or actually I think it might have been the unfriendliness??) of the people there. We then went on to weigh in on our opinion of the friendliness of the people in Dallas. Having lived here all of my life and being a pretty friendly person myself, I want to stick up for Dallas and say, "YES! Dallas is a friendly town." But I'll admit, I've been plenty of places that felt pretentious and unwelcoming. I guess Dallas is so big, and therefore, we've got it all!

I understand that sometimes when you're visiting somewhere, you just get a vibe for the people around you- Either being welcoming, geniune, talkative, or the opposite of those. And maybe we jump to labeling that whole town as either friendly or not. But that's sort of ridiculous, right?

But my basic belief if that you can find great people anywhere and everywhere! And you can also find just the opposite in those same places. But I also think attitudes are contagious. It's challenging to reach out to others when you feel like no one else is. We've all got to do our part.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Now that I think back on it, I don't remember seeing many cell phones while on my vacation. I think on many of those islands, it's hard to get service. Now that I'm back in Dallas, I am SO AWARE of how out-of-control the whole cell phone thing seems to be. I notice many people walking their dogs or pushing their kids in strollers at White Rock Lake with their cell phone attached to their heads. When I was at lunch today at Mockingbird station, I noticed many people on their phones on my walk to and from the restaurant. And so there were no friendly hellos from or to strangers. Then of course, while at lunch, cell phones. Even at my own table. Urgh. I notice that by being more "connected" we are all really less connected.

The lady in front of me at Target today was on her cell phone during her whole transaction. The people at my Target are actually pretty unfriendly and they rarely talk to customers anyway, but when someone is on a cell phone, why WOULD they want to interupt? And so, everyone stays in their own little cell phone world.

And then on the flip side, there's me. Equally annoying to others, perhaps. I HAVE a cell phone. But it's really more of a message center. I rarely answer it and have an aversion to talking on it. So my friends will ask, "DO you EVER answer you cell phone?" These days, if someone can't get in touch with you immediatly, they think something is wrong. But I don't want to talk on my phone when I'm with other friends, or shopping, or on a walk with my dogs. I want to notice things around me! I want my dogs to know that when I'm with them, there's nowhere else I'd rather be! And I want to say hi to strangers that cross my path!

Monday, July 23, 2007

I'm Back

I'm back from my vacation. Actually, I've been back for about a week! This is what usually happens to me after a great vacation: I am in denial that I am back. I tend to fall off the face of the earth and become more reclusive than ever. Is this healthy???

So the vacation was fantastic. St. Maarten and St. Thomas were my two favorite islands that we visited, altho everywhere we went was just beautiful. And even the days at sea were great. Three of the days we got to snorkel and we saw all sorts of fish, coral, and even a big sea turtle!

No major fiascos, just a lot of fun. Altho, wait...we had a bit of a problem with our first dinner table. But that's another blog for another time... For now I'll just say, I know what it must feel like to be a foreigner in a land where no one speaks your language or even wants to. (It SUCKS)

My dogs were super happy to see us come home. For the first time ever I didn't take my guitar with me and so for over a week I didn't play any music. So I had some big reasons to return.

And so here I am. Back in Dallas. But in one week I'm going on my solo vacation to NORTH CAROLINA, so its hard to complain!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Bon Voyage!

"Traveling is like falling in love: the world is made new."

I doubt I'll be able to blog from my trip to the Virgin Islands, so I guess there will be no new posts here for about a week. If that makes you sad, thank you, and now just go visit the archives and read old blogs that maybe you missed before!

We're going on a cruise that leaves from San Juan and then goes to 4 cool islands- St. Thomas, Aruba,Curacao (which I have been pronouncing wrong and leading people to believe I'm heading to Africa...) and St. Maarten. Other than San Juan, these are all places I've never been to before. I plan to snorkel, beachcomb and collect seashells for mosaics, play at the beach, and watch a lot of bad karoake and who knows what else?!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

If I Died in a Tornado

It has been raining, endlessly, for I think about a month now. Most people are sick of it. Oddly, I am NOT. If it were winter and this were cold rain, I'd be bitching and moaning with the best of them. But it's July 3rd and due to the rains, we haven't hit 100 degrees yet, so how could I complain?

Besides keeping the temperatures down, I just love rain. RainsSTORMS in particular- with thunder and lightening, howling winds- the works. All the bells and whistles a storm has to offer.

My fondest elementary school memories are the ones of my classmates and me getting under our desks at school during tornado drills and warnings. Good times!

My sister moved to Seattle years ago. She misses the lightening storms we get here. I've called her before when I'm all excited about an oncoming storm. Altho she somewhat shares my delight, I think I'm in love with stormy weather more than her. She even once said to me, "Well, if you ever die in a tornado, at least I'll know you died happy." Really, so true.

Monday, July 2, 2007

My Computer On Drugs

...or maybe it's me!

I woke up after a horrible night's sleep and a very sore neck. Was I in a car wreck this weekend? Or was is just too much mosaics? All that looking down at the piece I'm working on has got my spine in a horrible tizzy.

But I'M ON IT. At this point, when I have a "flare up" I know what to do: heating pad, traction, and stretching. And drugs. When I say drugs, usually a few Advil is as crazy as I get. But this morning I round some samples a doctor had given me of muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatories. Pained rebel that I am, I said, "Hell yeah" and swallowed.

And now I'm feeling slightly odd. Like I just took a hit of Nyquil. And when I type on my computer, my fingers are typing the words faster than they're appearing on screen. I think it's because I'm in my kitchen and I've got a weak signal in here. But it feels very trippy and sort of fun too. Or has the muscle called my brain just relaxed?

Sunday, July 1, 2007

The Secret To Slim and Sexy Abs!

Well, it IS bikini season and I know lots of people are looking for a quick and easy way to look great this summer. Thanks to TIVO, I rarely watch any commercials. But somehow, some-lucky-how, I got to see this infomercial for the Hawaiian Chair. Here is a condensed version of the commercial. I am so sorry I couldn't bring the full-length commercial to you! However, I DO believe this is enough to pique your interest...
Hawaiian Chair