Friday, July 6, 2007

Bon Voyage!

"Traveling is like falling in love: the world is made new."

I doubt I'll be able to blog from my trip to the Virgin Islands, so I guess there will be no new posts here for about a week. If that makes you sad, thank you, and now just go visit the archives and read old blogs that maybe you missed before!

We're going on a cruise that leaves from San Juan and then goes to 4 cool islands- St. Thomas, Aruba,Curacao (which I have been pronouncing wrong and leading people to believe I'm heading to Africa...) and St. Maarten. Other than San Juan, these are all places I've never been to before. I plan to snorkel, beachcomb and collect seashells for mosaics, play at the beach, and watch a lot of bad karoake and who knows what else?!

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