Friday, July 27, 2007

Sweet Charity

I went and saw "Sweet Charity" at Fair Park tonight. It may be my favorite musical I've ever seen, and I've seen some good ones.

First of all let me say, the Music Hall at Fair Park is UGLY. There is not one pretty thing inside that theater that could possibly distract you from looking at the stage. We live in Dallas. Can't we have some pretty in the theater??? The seats are a gross synthetic itchy material in green, the carpet is some random beige and the walls are brown. Even the curtain is ugly. I suggest in the time between "Sweet Charity" and the next musical that doesn't begin until mid-Sept, that they renovate that place. The people of Dallas deserve better. We paid $70 a seat. C'mon people!

Ok, now that I've gotten the rant out of the way, let me RAVE!

Paige Douglas, from the Trading Places (Spaces?) show, is Charity- a good hearted prostitute that wants to trade in her life for a good one. And she is so likeable, you want her to get it! She was spectacular. She's not just some famous person who got lucky to be cast in a great musical because of her name. She's hugely talented.

There were lots of great songs: "Hey Big Spender!" and "If They Could See Me Now" were just a few. And the dancing was awesome! It was a sweet love story- A romance, but really more about Charity really loving herself most importantly.

It was about 3 hours of pure entertainment. I was excited the whole time. I just LOVED it. It's a short run, so go see it soon. If you like musicals AT ALL, you will love this one. I money-back guarantee it. (Not really. But I really do think any theatre fan would love this one. Even in that ugly theatre!)


Monica said...

Thanks for the great review! Now you've got me even more excited to go see the show tonight. I've always been a Paige Davis fan and can't wait to see her sing and dance!

kerri said...

Oh- I can't wait to hear what u think, Monica!