Tuesday, July 3, 2007

If I Died in a Tornado

It has been raining, endlessly, for I think about a month now. Most people are sick of it. Oddly, I am NOT. If it were winter and this were cold rain, I'd be bitching and moaning with the best of them. But it's July 3rd and due to the rains, we haven't hit 100 degrees yet, so how could I complain?

Besides keeping the temperatures down, I just love rain. RainsSTORMS in particular- with thunder and lightening, howling winds- the works. All the bells and whistles a storm has to offer.

My fondest elementary school memories are the ones of my classmates and me getting under our desks at school during tornado drills and warnings. Good times!

My sister moved to Seattle years ago. She misses the lightening storms we get here. I've called her before when I'm all excited about an oncoming storm. Altho she somewhat shares my delight, I think I'm in love with stormy weather more than her. She even once said to me, "Well, if you ever die in a tornado, at least I'll know you died happy." Really, so true.

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