Thursday, July 26, 2007

Is It Friendly Here?

The other day I was talking to some friends about upcoming travel spots. One person was going to Charleston- or maybe just talking about wanting to go there. Anyway, someone then commented on the friendliness (or actually I think it might have been the unfriendliness??) of the people there. We then went on to weigh in on our opinion of the friendliness of the people in Dallas. Having lived here all of my life and being a pretty friendly person myself, I want to stick up for Dallas and say, "YES! Dallas is a friendly town." But I'll admit, I've been plenty of places that felt pretentious and unwelcoming. I guess Dallas is so big, and therefore, we've got it all!

I understand that sometimes when you're visiting somewhere, you just get a vibe for the people around you- Either being welcoming, geniune, talkative, or the opposite of those. And maybe we jump to labeling that whole town as either friendly or not. But that's sort of ridiculous, right?

But my basic belief if that you can find great people anywhere and everywhere! And you can also find just the opposite in those same places. But I also think attitudes are contagious. It's challenging to reach out to others when you feel like no one else is. We've all got to do our part.

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