Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Oh my god!!! I am so happy. Reporting to you here from ASHEVILLE, NC!!! I'm attending the Swannanoa Gathering which is a week long song camp. I'm taking 4 classes each day and getting to listen to so much great music and meet such nice people.
Can't I just live here already?!

Maybe you've felt this way about a place before too: Whenever I visit, I feel like it's my home and that I shouldn't just be here for a week. I think I belong here. My brother feels it about Hawaii, my sister feels it about Seattle (and fortunately, LIVES there!), and I feel it about Asheville. We've all got our little "dream living" places I guess.

But what I know is, I'm here for a little over a week. I'm going to LOVE every minute of it. But, for now at least, Dallas is my home. And when it comes time to return, I've got good reasons to go back.

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