About Me

This is me, sometime in the 70's, wearing what is still a great look... pink "hot pants" and white go-go boots.
I wonder where that outfit is now?

I'm a native Texan- Dallas, Texan as a matter a fact.  It's sometimes a little surprising to me that I'm still here (in Texas that is!), but on the other hand, it's all I know, and hard to imagine living anywhere else.  I say "ya'll" a lot, so it might be hard for that to be accepted outside of this grand state.  Although I like to think I'll eventually live in a geographically beautiful spot with four seasons, ...it just may be that I end up spending all my years right here where my life began!

When I was a little kid- wearing pink hot-pants and white go-go boots, I used to make up songs and sing them to my sweet Collie, Lulu.  One day, one of my sister's friends came over with a guitar and played me and Mom a song she had just learned.  That's when I first realized how cool (and portable!) the guitar was.  Soon, Mom signed me up for lessons at the now defunct Olla Podrida Mall, at Banjo Mountain.  There, I met John DeFoore who was my first guitar teacher.  He made me feel like I could play anything I wanted.  I think the first song I learned to play from start to finish was "Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac.  I went on to buy the songbook of James Taylor's Greatest Hits album and learn most of those songs.  I loved female singers and idolized many of them, but none more than Heart.  I can remember when I bought the "Dog and Butterfly" album.  I would play along with as much of Nancy Wilson as I could keep up with and then I'd just sort of air guitar the rest.  I "Heart" Heart!   I feel so lucky that I was born during a time that I had such great influences as I was learning to play and write music.

I still love to cover songs by musicians I admire-  Many from the 70's- but current ones, too!  I love Sheryl Crow, Ingrid Michaelson, Sarah McLachlan, Bob Schneider, Patty Griffin, Jason Mraz Brandi Carlile, Jonatha Brooke, ~ the list goes on and on.
I also write and play songs of my own.  I swear that songwriting (or whatever creative outlet you happen to choose!) is the best kind of self-discovery and therapy around!

I've played at Uncle Calvin's Coffeehouse a few times, Opening Bell, lots of wine bars, restaurants, festivals... anywhere friends gather and want some live music for the occasion.  Of course, I also play at private events!