Friday, November 22, 2013

50 Years Later In Dallas

 I have lived my whole life in Dallas, once also referred to as "The City of Hate."

I wasn't even born when JFK was shot, 50 years ago today.  But I, like most Americans of just about any age, have seen the tragic footage of that day.  I've also read lots of books about Jack and Jackie, seen movies, and after this week, watched many hours of tv specials all about the Kennedy years.

As I watch coverage about that day, November 22, 1963, I feel sad and shocked.  I can't believe this happened to this man, his family, and our country.  I can't believe it was some 24 year old crazy person with a $12 rifle that changed the world that day.  As I'm watching the lead up to that hour of that day, I know the end result, but yet, I just can't believe it will happen.  But it does and it did.

I understand how easily conspiracy theories come into play.  And some of them even sound logical.   We need it to be something much bigger than oswald that caused this terrible tragedy.  But more than likely, it wasn't.

I feel so sad for Jackie.  That trip to Dallas was her first after losing her days old baby, Patrick,  back in August.  And then, she lost her husband who she said was the love of her life.  It breaks my heart for her.

I'm sad for Dallas, that our city became infamous for that day.  The truth is, there are crazy people everywhere.  It could've happened in any city.  oswald wasn't even from Dallas, and lived here only briefly.  It wasn't Dallas' fault, and we are not, and never were, a "City of Hate".

But it's a sad day around here.  Still.  50 years later. 

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