Monday, December 8, 2008

Home Tours

Lately, I've started going to "Home Tours"- If you're not familiar, a Home Tour is when you pay somewhere between about $15 and $25 for a ticket to see inside houses of the Rich and Famous. Except, they're not actually famous. But based on the vast numbers of people who show up to these tours, you'd think they were.

This past weekend, I was not only was an attendee, but also a performer at the Highland Park home tour. My cellist friend and I played songs for about 2 hours. On the average Sunday, we rehearse for a couple of hours in the morning. This past Sunday, we just pretended I had moved to a mighty fine house! And that we had opened up my home to lots of well dressed ladies to wander around, oohing and ahhing at all of my lovely things.

After we played, I met up with another friend, and we toured the other homes on the list. Lots of times, I find these home tours make me wish I had a "home like that." But honestly, this weekend, the homes were SO big, and so extravagant, and just so...ELITE, I was just awestruck. I can't and don't even really want to imagine myself living in such a home. One of the homes on the tour was 18,000 square feet. That's no typo, my friends. Yes, I meant EIGHTEEN THOUSAND SQUARE FEET. If I misplaced my keys or cellphone, I'm not sure I could ever find them again. Assuming I did any of my own housecleaning (which I sort of enjoy because housecleaning gives me some odd sense of peace and order in my little world) it would be endless and likely bring war and disorder to my life. And never could I use the excuse to out-of-town guests that I'd love for them to stay with me, if only I had the room! :(

The home tour has inspired some additional house-cleaning today. I can really clean my humble home in just a matter of an hour or two. There's plenty of room for my little family- Fermin, Zoe, Scout and Me. And I misplace things all the time, but they never take too long to find.

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