Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Lucy is 3 Today!

Our little girl is 3 today! 
Yay!  Today is Lucy's birthday!
In case it's confusing, Ricky and Lucy are HALF brother and sister.  Same daddy, different mommies.  Ricky was born 4 days before Lucy, so he's the big brother.  So I told him today that it's his job to show her the ropes on what being 3 is all about!
Lucy's willing to share her birthday "DIVA" cookie with Ricky!
I took her to pick out a cookie, a couple of bones, and a new toy for her special day.  She's of course, sharing it all with her BFF, just like he did for her 4 days ago!  Fair is fair.  And love is love.
The 3 years olds... Patiently waiting for the birthday goods!
Lucy's birthday treats...all to be shared with Ricky.
Lucy is the sweetest and prettiest girl in all the land, as I tell her all the time.  I was so proud of her today when we went to the pet store.  She accepted all the attention that was loaded upon her after I told everyone (and I mean everyone!) in the store it was her birthday.  Lucy's a little shy, so sometimes that's hard for her.  But all those people got to see the sweet little Lu that sometimes people miss when she's barking!  I think today she realized more cookies get put into her mouth when it's not too occupied with barking.

After she shared her Diva cookie with Ricky, they went out into the backyard on this beautiful, sunny day to chew on their new bones.  What a perfect birthday!
"I love my birthday"
"I love Lucy's birthday, too!"

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