Monday, February 17, 2014

Music Monday- Top Of the World, The Carpenters

I chose this song, "Top of the World" for today's installment of Music Monday for so many reasons.

First of all, it's awesome.
Karen Carpenter has one of the most distinct female voices of all time- So different than anyone else.
"Top of the World" is such an upbeat and happy one.  I just love it.

My mom LOVED The Carpenters, and she hummed and sang their songs all the time.  To the point of driving me crazy as a kid.  There was a time when I found her Carpenter-singing so annoying.  Probably from ages 13-17.  I think just about everything annoyed me during that time span.

But what I wouldn't give to hear Mom hum one of those sweet and sappy songs to me now!

When Mom died nearly 9 years ago, I got to pick all the music to be played at her memorial.  I chose 2 songs by The Carpenters- "Close To You", and "Top of the World".  They both make me think of Mom anytime I hear them.  The lyrics to those songs are just wired into my being because I heard them so much growing up. Sung not just by Karen Carpenter, but by Joan- my mom!

The other day, before a Valentine's gig, I was adding a few songs to my set list. A friend suggested I sing something by The Carpenters.  As it turned out, I never got around to learning anything by them.  I did, however, get out my Greatest Hits CD of theirs and sang along, and got joyously weepy thinking about Mom...

Then, at that gig someone actually requested "any song by The Carpenters".  I don't think anyone has made that request before.  I just found it so coincidental.  And I also sort of believe there are no coincidences.

This song is, OF COURSE, for Mom- who I think had an even prettier voice than Karen Carpenter. 

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