Wednesday, February 26, 2014

iPad Mini Vs. Kindle

It may sound silly to say that I need both the iPad mini a Kindle, but I sorta do.  They both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Just a quick little back story... 
I've been an "all-things-Apple" fan for years and years.  I love all their user friendly products.  Although I already had a Kindle, as soon as the iPad mini came out, I wanted it!  I had the original iPad, and loved it, but not for reading in the bathtub, which is where I do most all of my daily reading.  It was too heavy and my hands would always feel achy. 

The iPad Mini- in white and black
I decided to do all my e-reading on the mini iPad, and the Kindle got put in a drawer and forgotten about.  Until a few weeks ago.

I've recently become a Amazon Prime member, and there were some books I could get for free, but it had to be on a Kindle device.  (Not just the Kindle app, mind you.)  So, I got out my Kindle, charged it up (which wasn't just as simple as plugging it in since the battery had been taking a year + nap), and started reading on it.

And then I realized: I prefer the Kindle if I'm reading.  Here's why.

Amazon Kindle
It's just a reader (at least, mine is), so I don't get distracted by emails, texts, Facebook, and randomly browsing the internet.  Also, it's a little lighter, and a little smaller than the mini.  I also like that it's NOT lit up- I can read in the sun, and I can read at night without exposing myself to bright computer lights that screw up the circadian rhythm, which I seem to have a problem with.

But I still use my mini all the time and love it.  For all the distractions I mentioned above!  I'd way rather browse around on Facebook on a mini than my laptop.   Also, I can use it for reading when there's absolutely no light source- (althou, to hell with the circadian rhythms, so I do try to avoid it late at night).

I love that all the books I buy on Amazon show up on both devices AND even keep my bookmarks in place!

I love them both.  I use them both.  And I'm so glad I have them both!

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