Thursday, August 18, 2011

Summer Camp Pick Up

When I was a kid, I never went off to summer camp.  (And as to the whys of that...well, that's a whole other topic I'll someday write about!)  And since Fermin and I don't have kids, we've never gotten to experience being on the parent end of the summer camp experience.
waiting for our camper with the masses!

But thanks to our friends who we were visiting at the time, last month, we got to tag along and pick up Abby from her first summer off at camp.
Such a sweet reunion, huh?
 My favorite part of the whole thing was getting to hear what the camp counselors had to say about each of the kids in Abby's cabin.  I actually video-ed it.  We were all so proud of Abby!  And isn't it so true what this girl says about Abby-  You can tell by that smile of hers that she is just full of joy. 

Sometimes you get to live some of life's experiences vicariously through others.  For just a second that day, I got to pretend I was a mom picking my sweet girl up from summer camp!

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