Friday, August 12, 2011

Dallas Texas, You Are My Bitch

It's been one of those sweltering summers that doesn't happen all that often. Of course, summers in Dallas are always hot.  But this summer, we had 40 straight days of temperatures over 100.  The record was set back in 1980: 42 consecutive days off 100+ temperatures.  We came so close to setting a new record, but then yesterday, some clouds rolled in and knocked the temperatures down and we only (only?) got up to 97.

We sweated our asses of here for weeks and weeks.  And you know, Texas is known for excess.  "Everything is bigger in Texas" is one of our slogans.  And think about the tv show from the 80s, "Dallas".  Excess.  So it feels unfair to have suffered thru this excessive heat so long, and to continue to have to endure it for who knows how much longer, but to have one day in between to only get us into 2nd place for all time record breaking temperatures.

It is this time of the year, every year, that I complain about living here.  But all this time, I've continued to call this place my home.  So there are clearly other things that keep me here.  But this time of the year, I cannot remember what they are!

Here is a little song I wrote yesterday about my love/hate relationship with my hometown.  It's called "Dallas Texas, You Are My Bitch".  Oh, and the verse about "14 years of my life...." refers just to the amount of months I've done little outdoor activity due to outrageous summer heat.  It totals up to FOURTEEN YEARS.  I have lived in Dallas my whole life though.  It's only the 14 years that I've bitched about.  But that's quite a lot, still!

And speaking of excess..."Dallas Texas, You Are My Bitch" is song #21 of "50 songs in 90 days".  I'm getting close to the halfway mark.  Yay!!!

Dallas Texas, you are my bitch
You make me itch to get out
From June until September
I can't remember
What our love is all about

Sometimes your big blue skies with all that sun
Just hurts my eyes
But sometimes your one lone star
Reminds me your
Deep in my heart

Fourteen years of my life
You've kept me inside
Hiding from your heat
You'd think by now that I'd accept
and I'd expect
And we could make our peace but...


Dallas Texas, you are my bitch
You know I can't switch
Off your big bright lights
I know that everything is bigger
And I'm just bitter
That your summers burn so bright



Valerie said...

Love it. Wow...14 years of hot summer months, huh? That is a lot! Try to stay cool. I'll try to send some of our cooler weather your way.

Unknown said...

Ohhh you have captured this monotonous, redundant, stagnant feeling that keeps happening every day and every night...I am leaving for the mountains!!