Friday, August 5, 2011

Song Writing (and Puppy) Update

As previously mentioned in my blog, I'm currently in the midst of my 4th consecutive year of writing 50 songs in 90 days.  I began the madness on July 4, and hope to get to #50 and be done with it by October 1st.  So, I'm about 1/3 of the way there and pretty much on schedule to get to the end on time.   Just today, I completed song #17.  Whew.  It's a furious pace.  But super fun, and I am most happy in this mode for sure.

I will always find it amazing that even on days when I think I have nothing to "say", if I just plant myself in my studio, I CAN write a song.  And I know that goes for whatever creative endeavor it is that you're into.  Just give yourself the time, and something, inevitably, will show up to greet you.

I thought I'd post a couple of my songs on the blog today.  One is about Lucy,  called "I'm in Love With Lucy".  The other, "Forevermore and More", was written for Ricky.  This way, you'll get a little slice of this 50 song pie and, in the same breath, get to see cute photos of my sweet puppies.  Can you tell I'm in love with these two?

"Forevermore and More"

Well the way you look at me is just the way I look at you
No one's ever seen thru me quite the way you do
You know my secrets and I'll keep yours
And I'll love you forever more and more

It was put into your path and you were put in mine
It wasn't a coincidence, it was just the perfect time
Now you're in my story and I'm in yours
and I'll love you forever more and more

Now you walk beside me down the road until our journey's end
There will be twists and turns and bumps and swerves but both of us can bend
You know the path to my heart and I know yours
and I'll love you forever more and more

"I'm in Love With Lucy"

She wakes up with a smile on every day
She sees the fun in every little thing
The sun it shines a little brighter
Since I get to walk beside her now

I'm in love with Lucy, and I know that she loves me
I'm in love with Lucy

Her happiness is rubbing off on me
Her love's contagious and bit me like a flea
All my days they just seem better
Ever since the day I met her- wow

I'm in love with Lucy, and I know that she loves me
I'm in love with Lucy


Lisa said...

How fun to listen to your songs and look at those beautiful babies at the same time. Thanks for sharing!

ger chouinard said...

Kerri: LOVE your fur baby songs! What an awesome tribute to your pups! Well done!

Melissa Sarno said...

I love your songs. What an amazing challenge you are giving yourself. And you are right, when you actually take the time to sit down and work, the ideas come :-)

Anonymous said...

cut pups... and lovely sweet songs

Anonymous said...

cute pups... and lovely sweet songs

Unknown said...

Oh that is sooooo LUCY!!