Thursday, August 25, 2011

Vaudeville Night This Saturday

I will be a part of Vaudeville Night this Saturday (August 27) at Labyrinth Walk Coffee House.  It's the annual fundraiser for Labyrinth Walk which is just a great acoustic venue run by volunteers. 

It's my first Vaudeville experience ever. 

I don't even really know what Vaudeville is exactly, but the sweet people that run the Coffee House asked me to be a part of it several months ago and I felt like I couldn't say no.

Because I think it's possible that Vaudeville implies there might be some jugglers, and/or people walking around on stilts.  And who knows what else!

I do know there are lots of different "acts", and I'm just one of them.  I also know I'm 3rd in the line-up order, so if you're coming, get there early for me!  The show starts at 8pm.


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Valerie said...

What fun! Can't wait to hear how it went.