Thursday, April 5, 2012

Blogger? WTFIGO?

I just tried posting this photo of Ricky Ricardo on my PuppyTracks blog, and it told me I was out of space and had to buy more.  So I did.  And then it came back at me and said it might take up to 24 hours before this new space I bought would show up on my account.

I've posted up WAY more photos on this blog than on PuppyTracks, so not sure why it posted here, but won't there.

Also, on the little area that says "followers" it says "sorry, too bad"-  well, not those words, but that's basically what it said!  So I don't know if I lost all my followers in some kind of Blogger revolt or what. 

Blogger just changed some stuff, acting like it was going to make things so much better.  So far, I'm not that impressed! 

1 comment:

Willie Baronet said...

Buy more space? what the what??? Cute puppy. xoxo