Monday, September 17, 2007

If I Read It

Today I went to Barnes and Noble to get a look at the OJ Simpson book, If I Did It.
I know lots of people are saying, "I won't read it. It's dispicable!"
And I totally agree that OJ is pretty dispicable. And what he got away with was just sick. But I will not deny my curiousity. I'm not going to feel bad that I want to read that book. Or at least "the" chapter that he tells how he did it.

I've heard people talk about it on tv, so I know the book came out last week out. I know Barnes and Noble is the bookstore that's carrying it. And I know it was the number 1 seller for last week. So I know it's out there. When I walked into B&N, I expected to see it everywhere. Or at least on one of the main display tables. But it wasn't there.

So I had to ask the information desk, "Where's the OJ book." And the two women working there sort of sighed and said, "The OJ book? Hm...I don't even think B&N is carrying that" and I said that yes, you are the only bookstore that's carrying it. So then she checked the computer and said, "Oh. Yeah. We have some ordered." And then turned away from me. As if I was OJ and gullty of his crime.

Give me a brake. 10 years ago, we were all watching the police "chase", we followed the trial, and now all of the sudden, I'm suppose to be ashamed of myself for my interest? I read lots of fine literature, but I deserve my trash too! Yes, I'm curious to read a book based on a killer's quasi-confession. It doesn't mean I think OJ is cool, or that I support murderers. It just means I am curious.

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