Sunday, September 30, 2007

Aging Sucks

Last night my brother brought his 3 month old Bull Mastiff puppy, Deville, over to our house. When Deville was only about 9 weeks old, he had stayed at our house while my brother was out of town. My dogs were sort of facsinated with Deville at first, but grew tired and seemingly irritated with him by the end of his 8 day stay. Zoe and Scout are 11 years old, so their energy level isn't quite the same as a 9 week old puppy.

So Deville came back over for his first visit since his time at our house last month. And the initial excitement of seeing him was renewed in my girls. So much so, that Scout took off running in a big circle around the yard much like she did when she was much younger. I was so happy to see this in her! "Go Granny!" my husband jokingly said.

But later that night, Scout was hobbling around unable to put any weight on oneof her hind legs. i thought maybe something was in/on her foot, but it looked fine. My husband said she must have pulled something during her sprint.

This morning, she's the same. She doesn't whimper or whine, just barely gets up to walk. And when she does, it's a hobble rather than a walk.

Aging sucks.

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