Friday, September 21, 2007

Road Rage

I was just hit over the head with a beer bottle!!!

It's true. I am so fuming mad right now-
But I am thankful for my ballcap.

Even tho a cap makes my head feel hot, I like wearing it because it blocks the sun from my face. And after today, I now know it also blocks beer bottles from cutting my face.

I was at the end of my run, running on a path that runs beneath a few bridges. All of the sudden I feel something hit me HARD on the head, and then I see green glass break on the sidewalk. And I smell a little beer. And I yelled out words of pain (four lettered) and grabbed my head. But then my instinct was, YIKES, keep running!

And as I began running, I looked up to see what looked like a homeless man (at least, I cruelly sort of hope right now that he's homeless)- very scraggly, wearing a backpack and a bandage on one side of his face. And he was glaring at me. So I yelled, "YOU"RE BOTTLE JUST SMACKED ME IN THE HEAD!!!"

And I think I was expecting him to say, "Oh my gosh, I am so sorry!" because I thought MAYBE he just tossed it over the bridge and his only real crime was littering. Maybe he didn't even see me or mean to hit me at all. But judging by his continued glare, I think maybe hitting me on the head was his intent.

So I just kept running. With a headache. But thank God for my ballcap.

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Glen K said...

Maybe U shud start running with a hard hat!!! hahaha. Or some good long-distance pepper spray.