Thursday, August 8, 2013

Estate Sales in Dallas This Weekend

The first "estate sale" I stopped by today was not good.  I didn't even find anything worth taking a picture of.  I think it was actually an indoor garage sale because it's too hot to have it in the actual garage.  The stuff for sale was in the two living areas, and I think everything else was closed off.  They had a few book shelves, some kid's toys and that was about it. It was on 9235 Orbiter.  But seriously, don't waste your time, like I wasted mine.  Also, in the ad they ran in the paper, it said "Lake Highlands", but it wasn't.  So although I thought it was close to my house because of that, it was not.  I hate misleading information.  Ug.

The next estate sale was really an estate sale!  YAY! It was located at 6261 St. Albans in Dallas.  Although there was nothing there for me, there was some good stuff marked at good prices.  There were lots of china sets...

antique dessert set- so pretty, but with cracks on just about every piece
Cups and saucers seemed to be everywhere...
just a small sampling of cups and saucers
If I was a cat lover, I probably would've snagged these two-- So cute!
The final sale I went to today was in Richardson, on 2504 Custer Pkwy.  I don't think I had ever been to an estate sale put on by these women, but they sure were nice!  Even when dealing with rude customers. 

When I first walked in, I saw a little table with some nicely displayed jewelry on it.  Nearby, there was a couple digging thru a big bag of jewelry.  I realized they had swiped up just about all that had been on the table to sift thru all for themselves. When they decided which pieces they didn't want, the man just sorta wadded them up and threw them back on the jewelry table.  SO RUDE!  If I had been working at the sale, I'm pretty sure I would've gotten ugly with them.  After they weeded thru their bag o' jewelry a second  time, there was one more piece they wanted to discard.  The man tried handing it to me and sorta nodded over at the table as if to say, "Throw it over there".  I instead, I just looked at him and said, "Um, no, A-hole.   Just put it back yourself." (Ok, am only acting tough.  I didn't really call him an a-hole. But in my head I did.) Then the lady working there got the beads he was trying to cast off to me and said, "I'll just go ahead and reorganize it since he made such a mess of things."  But she said it sweetly, and  she just went about her business and was so nice to everyone she encountered.  Props, Lady!  You got way more tolerance than I do!

If you like blue and white china, go to this place!  There was more of it there than I've ever seen.
Just one cabinet full, but trust me- There was lots more!
And like most estate sales, there was a Christmas/Holiday room~
Joy to the World!
It was a very organized sale, very neat and clean, items were all tagged, and there was lots worth looking at-- There seemed to be a little something for everyone at this place.

Here were the little somethings I found...
another lipstick holder because I just can't pass those up. Ever!

An angel bell- because I collect bells, and Mom always collected angels.  This one made me think of her.
Reindeer- because we need a little Christmas!  Right this very minute!
And no day would really feel complete if I didn't find some vintage jewelry!
vintage necklaces, bracelets, and beads
So there you go-  Hope that helps you know which ones to stop by, and which ones to avoid!  Happy hunting!

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