Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Dallas Cool Front On The Way

Here's the 7 day weather forecast for Dallas, beginning tomorrow.
Wednesday: 106 F
Thursday: 105 F
Friday: 104 F
Saturday: 101 F
Sunday: 100 F
Monday:  99 F (getting a bit chilly...)
Tuesday: 99 F
Wednesday: 100 F
*Keep in mind, we have a fair amount of humidity, which makes the temperatures feel about 7 degrees warmer most days.

Ahhh, Dallas in August.  I bitch and I moan about it every summer.  I even wrote a little song about it a couple of summers ago called, "Dallas, Texas You Are My Bitch".  (Sorry, there is nothing to look at but Big Tex's chest during the video... Just concentrate on the lyrics!)

My friend, Julie, gave me a new perspective on these dog days of summer the other day.  She said she tries to think of summertime in Dallas as the equivalent to a hard, cold winter in one of those wintery places like Wisconsin, where her daughter will be going to college next month.  In Wisconsin, it's so cold and snowy, that people who live there just sort of stay inside and do "inside" things for a few months.  They probably complain about it, but then, when Spring or Summer arrives... ahhhhh!  They love Wisconsin again.

Overall, Dallas has pretty good weather.  It's typically blue skies and sunny.  Our winters certainly don't keep us inside. In fact, they're mild and very conducive to playing outdoors! And yes, we have long, hot, miserable summers. But,  if we get out early enough, we can still enjoy a few hours outside before later, melting in the afternoon.  I'd probably choose this over the winters in Wisconsin.

It's really not that bad.

It's August.  The worst month, in my opinion, to spend time outside in Dallas.  So I'm just going to draw the blinds, work some puzzles, read some books, and pretend it's a cold, hard winter in Wisconsin.

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