Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sketch Group

I've started going to a Wednesday night Sketch Meet Up group the past month and a half.  Their meeting spot is about 5 convenient minutes from my house.  There are always a couple of core people, and then there are other people that drop in only occasionally.  So the group is usually between about 4 - 8 people.

I think I'm the only one in the ever-changing group that really knows absolutely nothing about drawing.  I'm just there to learn from them, and to hopefully get better just by practicing a little each week.  I've been reading books like Drawing With The Right Side of the Brain and Drawing for the Absolute Beginner, that have been helpful and interesting, but what makes practicing fun is being in this sketch group.

Each week, I nearly talk myself out of going.  My husband will ask, "You going to that sketch group tonight?" I answer, "No, I've got stuff to do around here..." (Or my alternative, "No, we gotta get caught up on Breaking Bad!") But then he always says, "Kerri, GO!  You should go."  And I know he's right.  I should go.  And so he kicks me out of the house, and I take the short drive to the meeting spot.  Once I'm there for about 5 minutes, I'm always glad Fermin encouraged me to go.

We draw people and things that we see around us in the bookstore cafe.  If I weren't with this group, that might feel a little uncomfortable.  But there's safety in numbers.  I'm part of a group.  I'm drawing because that's how we roll.  So if I'm staring at a stranger so I can sketch him in my notebook, it's cool

Here's a sampling of tonight's sketching:
a few of us sketched this pencil holder
this is Chuck with his sketchpad
this is Daniel's drawing of a woman at the table next to us
another sketcher's work
And last but not least, here are my sketches that I did for this night's meet up:
just a few quick sketches
You didn't really believe I did that, did you?  No way!  I wish!  Those were done by Brenna, my sketch idol. 

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