Monday, August 12, 2013

Music Monday "Go Your Own Way" and "Worried About" by Lissie

For today's installment of Music Monday, you get two songs for the price of one.  (Which, by the way, is totally free!)

I heard Lissie's version of Fleetwood Mac's song "Go Your Own Way" in yoga one day, because you know, yoga instructors are today's djs, after all.  I love her version even better than the original, which is just sort of unbelievable I realize.  But I do!  Here it is...

I love that version so much that I looked up Lissie (yes, just "Lissie", no last name) on Amazon and bought her CD called "Catching a Tiger". A few of the songs sorta annoy me, to be honest. But several of them I like and one of them, I love.  So technically, this is my song choice for today, but I had to post the other one as well to show you how I got to it.  This one's called "Worried About".  By Lissie. Enjoy, and have a happy Music Monday!

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