Friday, August 2, 2013

Estate Sales In Dallas This Weekend Part 2

Ok, so I'm back with info about a few more estate sales going on in the Dallas area this weekend.  Be sure to scroll down and look at yesterday's post also if you missed it before.  I listed a few there that I visited yesterday.

This morning, I saw a listing for an estate sale on the same street my best friend lived on as a kid.  We met in 4th grade, so that house is an important part of our history.  So of course, I had to go!  What kind of a BFF would I be if I didn't?

It was on 7641 Querida in Dallas.  It was not only a step back in time for me, being in that neighborhood, but stepping into that house was like a 1980s time warp.
old school exercise bike- LOVE this
lots of cassette tapes and cassette tape storage boxes
Because it was the kids of the folks that had lived there, they had great prices on things.  As they told me, they're not trying to make money, they're just trying to clear things out.  For example, this pretty frame was marked $10!  That's a steal!
cool frame, probably about 2 feet x 1 foot
I bought these two sconces-  Only $2 each!  I thought that was a great bargain. They even came with red candles in them, but it looked a little too much like Valentine's Day, so I'll be replacing those with off white candles instead.
candle sconces- and yes, vintage!!
I also got this pretty pin for a super great deal!  I'm in love with it, and it's going to, of course, be used to make a repurposed necklace.  Of course.
vintage flower pin- light green rhinestones... nice!!!
If you like older stuff, I would most definitely go check this estate sale out first thing tomorrow!!

I stopped by another one because I thought they were close to each other.  They weren't, but they were at least both on the other side of 635, and if I have to cross 635, I might as well make it worthwhile.  I'm not so sure this one was worthwhile for me, but it might be for you.  I'll go ahead and just post a few photos I snapped at this one, located at 1816 Harvard in Richardson. 
some pretty cute yard art- big birds were $20, smaller ones were $10 I think
this pretty chair was only $125 and was hidden under lots of ugly pillows.  so it may still be there!!!
another chair- this one was priced at $100
ladybug scale.  not set to zero, but if you don't mind weighing an extra 220 lbs, it sure is cute!  and 75 cents!
Keep in mind, this stuff will end up going for 50% off, so if you go on the last day (sorry, not sure if that's Saturday or Sunday), you could get some decent stuff for great prices. 

I swung by the 2nd weekend of the estate sale that I mentioned last week at 6914 La Manga.  They had told me they had more stuff they'd be tagging for the 2nd weekend. I was hoping for more vintage jewelry, but there barely seemed to be anything new.  Other than one pendant that the woman in charge was asking too much for, saying, "Oh, that was Aunt Thelma's", as if that meant anything to me.  She also said, "Well, you know it's antique don't you?" I new it wasn't, and so I looked at her, but her face had that winky look like, "I know..., I'm full of crap."  I told her I knew it was vintage, but it's definitely not antique.  As she picked it up to give it closer inspection, a stone fell out. So, I ended up getting it for the price I wanted it for.  Yay for loose stones!

The last estate sale I went to was over near my house, at 6757 Inverness.  They didn't seem to have a lot of traffic, and maybe that's because in the paper, they had the street name spelled incorrectly.  Too bad for them. It wasn't great tho,and I only found on thing there.  A vintage Monet leafy necklace that I'll use for repurposing.
A vintage Monet necklace, and Aunt Thelma's antique brooch
I'm not sure which of these estate sales the last two photos were taken. I'm pretty sure it could have been any of them.  (I'm sorry.  They all start to bleed together after a while.)  But I wanted to post the pictures anyway because I think it is so funny how nearly all estate sales have a holiday room.  If you're ever looking for cheap ornaments, and holiday decor, estate sales are a great place to look!

oh we need a little Christmas...
right this very minute!!
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!
Have a great weekend....

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