Thursday, August 15, 2013

Estate Sales in Dallas This Weekend

The two estate sales I went to today were both definitely worth checking out.

The first on was on 3828 Medallion.  It started today, will be open again tomorrow from 9-3pm, and wraps up Saturday from 9-noon.  Not sure if/when mark downs begin, but even on the first day, their prices were fair, and they had lots of older furniture and knick knacks. 

They had a little jewelry right as you walk in.  And yes, of course I bought a few things, but I'll save that for the end of this post.  I thought these spoons were really cute. 
a collection of vintage decorative small spoons
I bought some a few weeks ago and am in love with them.  I might have to start collecting.  They're on my radar for sure.  I didn't buy these, but you can!  Not sure of the price- The silver platter they were in was marked $10- maybe you get all of them plus the platter for that.  If so, seems like a great deal to me.  Damn!!  I'm having non-buyers remorse...

And speaking of non-buyers remorse, why the heck didn't I buy the white, sparkly vintage coin purse?  There were several little coin purses and leather gloves.  Cute, cute!  Really, what in the world was I thinking walking away from that?
vintage coin purses and gloves
This small 1940s short set of drawers was in great shape and only $100!
Make me hollah for just 100 dollahs!
This wasn't for sale, I don't think, but I just had to snap a little photo of the original old oven they had in the kitchen.  Gives you and idea of the era, and the era of lots of the items in the house, and how well these people took care of their things...
let's get cookin'!
The second estate sale of the morning was located on 1327 Casa Vale in Dallas.  It started today, will be open tomorrow from 9-4pm and wraps up Saturday from 9-3pm.  The coolest thing for me, was the house next to it, which was having a little indoor random sale.  I will write a dedicated post to that experience in the next few days.  So if you do go to this estate sale, be sure to stop in next door at Alice's.  She'll have a sign in the front yard if the sale is still going on.  Please tell her Kerri said hi if you go. 

Ok, but 1327 Case Vale...  It was fun.  Lots of stuff to look at and the prices were decent.  If you like unique vintage things, this is a great one.  I actually started off in the garage and saw these pretty mirrors...

vintage mirrors
I know nothing about old wallpaper, but they had a lot of it in rolls that would probably be cool for some projects. 
lots of wall old wallpaper in rolls!
Then I went back inside and found all sorts of stuff.  Like this mirror...
pretty mirror for only $20-  about the cost of 5 refreshers at starbucks!  wow.
crafting supplies...
And the cutest storage cabinet for sewing supplies I've ever seen.  Why don't I sew?!  If I did, this would surely be mine!

makes me wanna sew, SEW bad!!
I thought these measure cups were pretty cute~
ducky measuring cups
At the end of the day (morning) I ended up with a small statue of a praying angel, which Lucy insisted on saying her prayers right beside,
Amen, Sister!
and a few pins that will be great in repurposing projects after they're cleaned up,
vintage floral pins
more vintage pins- i especially love the emerald green flower pin!!
That's it for today.  I'll be going to two that start tomorrow so stay tuned...

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